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Artist of the Week: Spin City (@The_City_Life )

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Sistabig @therealSharnell

Lemar “Spin City” Wilson was born in Astoria, Queens. 

 He grew up in the projects where he lived with a single parent and his three brothers and three sisters surrounded by drug dealers, stick up kids, gangs and  fiends.  Spin City grew quick to the tricks and trades of hustling.  While other kids would be in after school programs Spin City was in hallways doing runs for the neighborhood drug dealers.   At the age of 17 Spin City made the decision to get involved in hustling after witnessing how much money his friends were able to make.  He took his summer youth check and followed the example of his friends.  Before he knew it he had flipped that check into a steady flow of money and began messing up in school and finding himself in trouble. 
At the age of 18, he was caught by the cops and charged with selling drugs.  Shortly after that incident, Spin City’s mother was diagnosed with diabetes.  He knew had to change his lifestyle in order to help his mother with her illness, but this was easier said than done.  He ended facing gun related charges but was acquitted. 
Spin City’s Childhood friend Silencio introduced him to a mic, speakers, and an instrumental cd.  All Spin City had known about music was what he heard on the radio but he began sloppily freestyling.  Silencio coached Spin City, having him recite bars with beats.  Within one weekend, Spin City has recorded an 18 freestyle cassette tape.  From that weekend he found a passion for music that continued to grow. 
Since then Spin City has started his own label called New Money 151 Entertainment along with artists Envy, Fresh, and SIC.  Since 2000, Spin City has dropped a new mixtape every year including “Passport Boys” and “Members Only” and also helps other artist put together their own projects.

Contact Information:
Booking Email: [email protected]


When did you first discover your creative talents?
- I would say 2000.  I never knew I had talent but my friend Javier did. I would always try  freestyling all the time chilling in park just making fun of ppl but making it rhyme.  I remember he said let me hear something and I would rap about the surrounds and some would sound so crazy I wish it was recorded I might of used it. I remember coming over to his house and I heard The LOX Money Power Respect instrumental playing so I started mumbling words then Javier pulled out this little computer mic with a stand.  The first thing he said was let’s record a freestyle I think I did about 10 freestyles that night about 2 to 3 mins long. I remember runnin to the dollar store to get a cassette tape (Yes cassette tape we didn’t have a cd burner at the time) so I can have a copy.  Once I got down stairs I gave it to some cute girl I said I am a rapper lol.
Who are your musical influences?
- Jay-Z plays a big part in my music.  His approach on tracks is so amazing.  He can switch up flows to different topics.  Growing up listening to Jay-Z kept me out of trouble. Honestly,  it kept me in the house writing.   I recall hearing Jay-z on the Dynasty and I knew I wanted to take rap music seriously.  I can’t forget about  Eminem.  He also influenced me in a crazy way with his crazy word play he is one of the best mc’s ever (to me) Eminem set the bar for a lot of mc’s to step their pen game up.  I remember when I heard his first album I played that album as if I wrote it cause it had so many great concepts, I would feed off from his concepts and think of my own.  I still catch myself rockin to that album. Jay-Z and Eminem helped me become the artist I am now I thank them for coming into my life. That’s real talk
Who would you like to work with professionally?
- of course ,Hands Down Jay-Z just so we can go bar for bar like he did “Da Sequel with Memphis Bleek.” Everytime I hear that song I always wish it was me being Memphis Bleek lol that song was so crazy till this day it sounds new. Eminem I would try my best not to get bodied by him cause he give it his all like he looking for a deal. Cory Gunz I like to take word play and play around with the flow so I think us two would make a crazy track together. And keeping up with one another would be crazy to see who had a better flow or verse.
What projects do you have in the works?
I’m working a New Mixtape I’m leaning towards calling it “The City Life Or The Night Life” not sure also I’m working on my album called “The Press Conference” its about 95 percent done I need to fix a couple of songs and add a song then I’m ready. I got other projects on the table but my main focus is to get my album out.
If I picked up your ipod or mp3 player who would be the top 3 artist I’d hear?
- I would have to say me, my mixtape I dropped called “Passport Boys.”  I love that body of work.  That project was recorded with a week and gave me the ideas for putting together my album.  Jay-Z maybe the dynasty album or Blueprint both are classics to me,Eminem Recovery or Slim shady Show both was crazy so much lyrical word play.
Tell us something little known about you.
-I’m From Astoria Queens, I Grew up in a single parent household with my 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Being the baby boy I was always in some mess until I found music.  In a short time it made a turn on me. I would be up late night with a cd player playing beats writing anything that came to my head.  My mom would think it was homework until she get those cut cards and phones calls. I love music I’m a fan of all music I love making music, helping ppl make music, or just being involved in music.
How do you separate yourself from other artists?
- I don’t follow the trends I set them. I make music for the day to day ppl that go through daily stuff. Relationships,life etc problems rappers always want to talk about the good life I talk about the middle class cause that’s what we are and some are lower class. I think of concept that a person riding on the train is stressed about.  I write music to let the general public know you not the only who feels this way. I’s rather be singled out from the other rappers then put in the same pot and debate who sound better.

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