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Art Museums, Diversity in Children's Books, and Things Girls Should Know: Fatherhood Newsletter

By Bloggerfather @bloggerfather
I took a break, but now I'm back. My parents were here, and our rental home is keeping me busy, and there's always something to do in the new house we've recently moved to, and I even played some Wii with the kids. Not to mention that season 7 of Psych is now on Netflix, and I can't be expected to do anything until I'm done with that. But I'm back, and here are this week's-ish stories.
This week's roundup includes a trip to an art museum with the kids, a post about diversity in kids' books, wisdom for girls, a congrats on a wedding, and more.
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Kids in Art Museums
An Art Museum Trick This is a trick I've used when I was a young man, and now use with my kids who would otherwise get quickly bored by museums without buttons. Try it and let me know if it works! (How to Go to an Art Museum with Young Kids)

Be the Change
princess When a couple had realized there were not enough books that would appeal to their non-blonde, non-usual-Disney-princess-lookalike girl, they decided to do something about it. A great post about encountering a problem and dealing with it not simply by explaining things to kids, but also by making a difference. (Non-Token Diversity in Storytelling: CAKE Literary to the Rescue! The Revolution Has Begun)

Dads and Daughters
dads and daughters In a short post, full of honesty and love, Jeff from Out with the Kids lays out 16 things he wants his daughters to know. A great post from a true advocate of girls. (16 Things I Want My Daughters To Know Right Now)

Art Museums, Diversity in Children's Books, and Things Girls Should Know: Fatherhood Newsletter The good people at Life of Dad have partnered with Starbucks again, for another Instagram Video extravaganza. Here, a bunch of bloggers were given the task of showing off their romantic Mother's Day breakfast-making, Starbucks-coffee-preparing sides. Since my wife travels a lot, we did our video without her, which means more coffee for me! Read the post to find out more about the competition, where you can win a $200 Starbucks gift card. (My (Winning) #LatteRomeo #StarbucksVia Video)
And here's the info about the Twitter party:
Art Museums, Diversity in Children's Books, and Things Girls Should Know: Fatherhood Newsletter

My friend Brent, who writes at Designer Daddy, has gotten married last week, and I'm honored to have been invited. When MD Governor O'Malley started pushing to legalize gay marriage, the reason he gave was that gay couples' kids deserved to live in a house with two legally married parents just as much as kids of straight couples do, and this pretty unique angle--the one of dignity for children--gave the Maryland referendum voters the push they needed toward the right side of history. It was a beautiful wedding, and I'm happy to report that the sanctity of my own straight marriage is still intact.

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