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  • Ink Drawings - Nudes

    Drawings Nudes

    In an earlier post I mentioned how it had recently go into doing ink wash drawings, using a traditional Chinese calligraphy brush and an old dip pen made from... Read more

    The 21 january 2021 by   Waynechisnall
  • Art of Interview

    : “An interview is a story looking for bookends.” Interviewer interviewee? There’s no two sides, it’s multi-dimensional. You may think you are one or the other. Read more

    The 20 january 2021 by   Rodjonesartist
  • Rediscovered Uni. Screen Print Giveaways

    One of the things that I love about the infuriating situation of not being able to find what you're looking for is that you often end up finding something... Read more

    The 19 january 2021 by   Waynechisnall
  • 'Magnet' Off To 'The Black Gold Museum', Riyadh

    'Magnet' 'The Black Gold Museum', Riyadh

    Pretty soon 'Magnet', my toy tower sculpture, will be leaving my studio and heading off to its new home at The Black Gold Museum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (due... Read more

    The 17 january 2021 by   Waynechisnall
  • The Story of Real

    : If Real were a character, what would it be? A happenstance? Perhaps a chance-in-stance? There is the old standby… kismet. Which equals fate in anybody’s... Read more

    The 13 january 2021 by   Rodjonesartist
  • Tamara De Lempicka: Biography, Works and Exhibitions

    Tamara Lempicka: Biography, Works Exhibitions

    Tamara de Lempicka never gave up her independence and freedom. She maintained both thanks to her inate talent for painting, which gave her fame and fortune... Read more

    The 08 january 2021 by   Alejandra
  • Thought Row Podcast Launch

    We live in a noisy world…but it’s time to tune into YOU! Please join us, listen to the Thought Row podcast where you can focus on your creativity and how you ca... Read more

    The 08 january 2021 by   Rodjonesartist
  • A Demo and 2 New Workshops

    Demo Workshops

    I'm pleased to be getting back to teaching online for the Winslow Art Center in 2021. Coming up in February I'll be doing a demo that tackles the topic that I... Read more

    The 07 january 2021 by   Ingrid Christensen
  • Resolutions In Time

    There is only one thing shorter than the longevity of a New Year’s resolution, it’s the time it takes the person behind you at a stoplight to honk their horn... Read more

    The 06 january 2021 by   Rodjonesartist
  • 'Paris Catacombs' Skull Drawing

    This ink wash sketch of a skull is based upon one of the hundreds of photographs that I took of the skulls in the Catacombs below the streets of Paris, when I... Read more

    The 03 january 2021 by   Waynechisnall


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