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Arizona Public Service Seeks to Raise Costs for Solar Customers|

By Garry Rogers @Garry_Rogers

GR:  The justification for raising costs for solar customers is without merit.  The idea from the start has been to encourage the switch to solar.

Arizona Public Service seeks to raise costs for solar customers|
BOB CHRISTIE Associated Press:  The most contentious parts of the proposal are likely to be the new “demand charges” and the ending of “net metering” for solar customers.

Net metering pays homeowners with rooftop solar full retail rates for excess power sent back to the grid. APS is proposing to pay only wholesale market rates for that power, a rate that will dramatically cut the amount of credits solar customers receive. APS and other utilities have been pushing for the changes in recent years, arguing that they unfairly benefit solar customers while shifting costs of maintaining the grid to non-solar customers.  Source: APS seeks 8 percent rate boost, solar changes | Local |



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