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Are You There God? It’s Me, Sheila: A New Journey About To Begin

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational
(I first wrote this 3 years ago)

Dear God,

So.  You’re aware of Kaylee getting ready to graduate… since You see everything and all that stuff.   Oh My You, it seems like it’s been such a long haul… but yet it went so incredibly fast.  The years since her birth.   I’ve learned so much.  She’s learned so much.  Seems like a great trade.  But You’re funny like that aren’t You?

Are You There God? It’s me, Sheila:    A New Journey About To Begin
Anyhow God, I  thought, for some stupid reason that once she hit graduation… things would be easier… sorta ‘done with’ in the ‘raising’ department.  But You’re just full of surprises aren’t Ya?  Now I have this whole new set of things to think about.  Off to live somewhere without me.  Off to spring break with a bunch of people I don’t know.  People who I have no clue as to how they were raised.

The realization of not being able to know the precise time she comes home… therefore allowing me to enter a peaceful sleep, of not knowing if something is bothering her…. I won’t be able to notice the ‘look’ on her face…when something is wrong.  And being a germaphobe myself  (thanks for creating the person who created Purell btw)… I won’t be able to make her endlessly roll her eyes when I say…”Make sure you Purelllllll”.   Then there’s her peanut allergy.   Who’s gonna explain to her new friends how to use the Epi-Pen that will save her life?  Will her new friends have the common sense to use it?

Will she carry with her the things that I’m pretty certain I’ve instilled in her for 18 years?   I know she’ll be fine but yet I still worry.  And I know she’s going to misstep and do stupid things.  I know she HAS to in order to progress in her life.  It’s just going to be hard for me to not be right there to help her up.  So I’m hoping You will be there… or send some angel or spirit or something to keep an eye on her, since I, her mom cannot be there.

Maybe like, if she goes to a party and decides to do something stupid… You could maybe…. say…. make lightning strike…. or a wall crumble?  Something on that order?  Oh, and if she’s with a grabby guy… You could do that whole pillar of salt thing to him?  (if you don’t want to hurt him…just his ‘important’ area will do)   I’d feel much better.

Look God, all I need (in addition to the above) is that when she gets to a crossroads… can Ya just slap her with a bit of cosmic common sense?  And now listen, this is important (I know I ramble…) but can Ya hang around and make sure her friends are safe too?  Maybe you could like hide the keys if they’re out drinking… or make them show up in the pocket of someone who isn’t?

Thanks God.

**And to my daughter:  You are beautiful inside and out.   I’m very proud of the person you have become.  You mean the world to me.   Sometimes you’ll make good choices, sometimes bad.  They are your choices.  And lastly:
May the wind always be at your back.  And if it’s too windy… for God’s sake, put on a jacket!

and Purell.

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