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Are You Great at Video Editing? Change the World with Team Diet Doctor in Stockholm

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Are You Great at Video Editing? Change the World with Team Diet Doctor in Stockholm

Are you a star at editing videos and also interested in low carb? Would you consider moving to Stockholm - one of the most beautiful cities in the world - or do you live there already? Then this might be the job of your dreams!

Diet Doctor continues to expand rapidly. It is now the largest low-carb website in the world. We have more than 100,000 daily visitors and reach new records every month. The interest in low carb also increases rapidly in many countries, including the United States.

There is a great need for what we do, given the global obesity and diabetes type 2 epidemics. We want to spread well-founded and trustworthy knowledge in a simple and inspiring way, free for everyone who needs it. This is financed through an optional membership (we have close to 18,000 paying members who support us) in order to remain independent from industry, product sales or advertisements.

We'll soon be nine people working full time, and approximately twenty freelancers and moderators. This is your chance to become one of the first ten employees in a rapidly growing company with enormous ambitions for the future.

New possibilities for video production

The production of videos is something we've invested a lot in for a long time, through interviews, video courses, presentations and commentaries. We work hard at improving our video productions. One of our employees, Simon Victor, is working full time with this since two years back, and many people are helping as freelancers.

Now we need to strengthen our team through a second full-time employment. Someone who is already great and who can start editing interviews, presentations and video courses soon. You should also be able to help developing new creative concepts in video editing, for instance cooking videos or commentaries, or a dramatic improvement of our future video courses.

You'll work at our rapidly growing office in Stockholm, Sweden, right next to the central station at Sergels Torg, together with six other employees.

You'll also get the chance to participate in and improve our recordings, in Sweden and during international trips to conferences.

Please spread the word if you know somebody that would be a perfect match. Here's more about the job:

We're looking for a video editor who:

  • has good knowledge and much experience in cutting, color correction, creating motion graphics and processing sound. Preferably in Mac and Final Cut Pro X, programs we're currently working with. Knowledge about other programs such as Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere etc. is also a merit and much welcomed.
  • has good knowledge about the English language, both in speaking and in writing.
  • has competence and creative ideas to strengthen and improve our videos.
  • has high ambitions in their video editing, aiming for maximal quality and constant improvement.
  • has an interest in health.
  • wants to work hard with something meaningful, and develop and learn quickly. This is necessary in order for us to take on the enormous challenges that we're working on, like helping hundreds of millions of people suffering from obesity and diabetes globally.
  • wants to live in/is living in Stockholm.

Bonus qualities - not requirements

Are You Great at Video Editing? Change the World with Team Diet Doctor in Stockholm

  • Ability to work two to three days per month at our office in Karlstad, where we also have a big studio for creating videos. This part of work will most likely be in Stockholm soon. A trip from Stockholm to Karlstad usually takes two hours by train (travelling and logistics will of course be compensated for).
  • Ability to go on approximately 2-3 international trips each year, for recording videos.

Possibility to go on international trips

Some examples of possibilities to travel during 2016 were the four low-carb events we've gone to for recording videos. To Vail, Colorado, San Francisco, a one-week cruise in the Caribbean and recently San Diego for the Low Carb USA conference.

Of course the company will cover all travel and living costs during these events.

Are You Great at Video Editing? Change the World with Team Diet Doctor in Stockholm
Are You Great at Video Editing? Change the World with Team Diet Doctor in Stockholm

More bonus capabilites - not requirements

  • Interest in video editing, sound and light setting (if you don't know this already we'll teach you, we'll only need it a couple of times per year).
  • Experience in recording using DSLR cameras and cameras similar to our Canon 5D Mark III - we plan on upgrading to Mark IV as soon as it's available later this year (same thing here, this is a smaller part of the job and you can learn this on spot if you're interested).
  • Knowledge about low carb, following the ongoing debate about nutrition.
  • Ability to start soon with some freelance work as a video editor, if you can't start a full-time employment right away (for instance if you have to notify your employer a few months in advance that you are quitting).
  • Ability to start working full time already in a couple of months time is also a great bonus, but not a requirement. We gladly wait for the right person.
  • It is likely that we need to strengthen our team even more quite soon, with more full-time employees and freelancers. The whole company is growing fast, and you will help shape its future. It is a bonus if you find that exciting and interesting.

Diversity is welcomed

It is important that you live up to the necessary requirements mentioned above in order to suit in our team. Otherwise we are positive towards diversity, in addition to creativity and understanding of others. Your religious, political or sexual orientation do not matter. Neither do you gender or ethnicity.


Our goal is to empower people everywhere to revolutionize their health. Our possibility to do so is increasing exponentially - two years ago nobody worked full time in this company, now we're about to be nine people working full time (you might become number ten) and approximately twenty part-time workers, freelancers or moderators.

It is an exciting time to be part of Team Diet Doctor. Note that we also pay fair marked-based salaries. You could probably get the same salary that you currently get - perhaps even more - plus one of the most exciting and purposeful jobs in the industry. We're also investigating possibilities to make employees part owners in the company.

Are you a star at video editing? Are you curious about working with us full time, with all of our video productions? Then send in an application. Maybe it's you we're looking for.

Apply now

Send in the following five things to [email protected] within two weeks (at latest on Tuesday the 13th of September).

  1. Personal letter that is between a half to a whole page about why you're the perfect match for this job.
  2. Salary suggestion
  3. CV with references and picture.
  4. Suitable work sample, for instance a few videos that you've co-produced. Could be a link to something on the Internet, for instance YouTube, alternatively a downloadable link. Specify what role you played in the production.
  5. Bonus: A few short suggestions on how Diet Doctor can be improved, especially regarding video production. See the three examples below of what we're working with today.

We will go through all applications and contact the ones that we're especially interested in within two weeks after the application is due for interviews.

Earlier inquiries about jobs at Diet Doctor have resulted in about a hundred applications, many highly ambitious, per person that we've hired. Take the five tasks mentioned above seriously if you want to increase your chances to an employment.

What happens then?

If you're a promising candidate we'll contact you for an interview via telephone. If you are among the strongest candidates we'll then schedule an interview and test work in Stockholm, at a time that suits you (with salary and cost compensation). Alternatively you can get an editing task as a freelancer (paid) as a work sample.

Good luck!

Three examples of previous videos

Suggestions on improvements to our videos are warmly welcomed and a merit (see point 5 above, for the application).





Team Diet Doctor

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