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Are We Ever Too Young to Take Care of Our Skin?

By Glissandra @glissandra

Aging is one of the hottest topics today among men and women, young and old. As we forever chase the fountain of youth, it’s not surprising that we all want to know how to prepare ourselves for the battle ahead.

One of the most common questions we hear is, At what age should I begin to use anti-aging products? Savvy consumers in their teens and 20’s are starting to wonder if their skincare regimen should include anti-aging products.

There’s good news and, well, less good news.

The less good news – because calling it “bad” news wouldn’t exactly be fair – is that aging starts the moment we’re born. This isn’t news at all, but rather an inevitable truth. The population is, and always has been, getting older.

The good news is that we’re no longer powerless against the physical phenomenon of aging. A combination of the latest research and the most advanced products on the market are finally allowing us to redefine our expectations of what can be achieved in a healthy and natural way – and to essentially stall the signs of skin aging for those of us who have the luxury of discovering these tools early on in life.

Often without even realizing it, parents pass along their own skincare habits to their children. Many women today are grateful for having mothers with the foresight to keep them out of the sun or well-protected from its damaging rays, at least according to the standards of the time. A proper skincare regimen that focuses on improving and maintaining skin health should be established at an early age.

So what does this entail?

Since scientists discovered the true cause of aging – mitochondrial decay – the health and beauty industry has been hard at work in developing effective tools to help us age gracefully or even prevent the signs of aging from ever appearing. Who would have guessed that the Schisandra berry, one of the fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine, would play such a significant role in this search? Thanks to cutting edge research from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, led by Dr. Robert Ko, the potent anti-aging properties of the Schisandra berry can be experienced by savvy consumers who recognize its health-promoting powers.

Are we ever too young to take care of our skin?

Schisandra berry

Glissandrin, the proprietary anti-aging ingredient derived from the Schisandra berry, has been clinically proven to be safe and effective on all skin types and all ages. Even users in their teens and 20′s, with their own skincare issues, are jumping on the healthy skin bandwagon with Glissandra Serum, which offers UV protection among a host of other important benefits. Applied twice daily, in the morning and at night, it plays a key role in keeping young skin healthy and vibrant as the years pass by.

So don’t be shy in sneaking a few pumps of Glissandra Serum from your parents’ anti-aging arsenal; it’s never too early to start protecting your skin from the signs of aging.

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