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Are We About to See a Darker Side of Terry Bellefleur?

Posted on the 28 August 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault

Are We About to See a Darker Side of Terry Bellefleur?True Blood’s Todd Lowe, who plays Terry Bellefleur in True Blood has spent most of Season 4 watching the baby and keeping Arlene happy, but it now appears that he might now have to help his cousin Andy knock his “V” habit.

Yes, between all the witch-on-vampire drama, the werepanther kidnapping and a fantasy threesome, poor Andy has been struggling to get off vampire blood. It will be just as hard for Terry to convince Andy he’s a better person without V. “It’s emotional and we’re going to see some things with Terry and Andy that we really haven’t seen before,” Lowe tells “We get little hints of the Bellefleur past and we’re going to learn a lot more about who they were as young boys. [It's] almost like a rivalry, like brothers except they’re cousins.”

Whether Terry will be able to knock some sense into the Bon Temps’ sheriff remains to be seen. “That will be Andy’s decision, ultimately,” Lowe adds. “But Terry is going to spell it out for him.”

Terry will also be dealing with problems of his own when Patrick (Scott Foley), an old army buddy, arrives in the season finale. “He looked [Terry] up” Lowe explains, “He found him and I guess he has something to say and something to talk about. You don’t just wander in and find someone at their workplace unless you have something important to share with him.”

Though their encounter in the finale will be brief, Foley is expected to return in a bigger capacity next season. Lowe hopes this means viewers will see flashbacks to Terry’s time in the war. “I’d like to maybe trim my beard and see Terry look a little younger,” he says. “I’d like to see where his post-traumatic stress disorder actually came from. Was it a series of events? Was it a friend or life that was lost in front of him? Was it someone’s life that he took? I’d like to see where that goes and see why Terry is so screwed up.”

“I have a feeling it’s going to go kind of dark,” he adds. “I got a hint from [executive producer] Alan Ball that we’re going to see a little darker side to Terry.

They’ll be plenty of dark as the HBO series heads into the season finale, which takes place during Halloween — a holiday you’d expect to inspire even more craziness given all the supernaturals running around. “Wouldn’t you think it’d be just a little bit anticlimactic with all this other stuff going on?” Lowe counters. “But I guess the people of Bon Temps find a way to celebrate the Halloween holiday.”


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