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Arbi Ki Tari Wali Sabzi Recipe, How To Make Rase Wali Arbi, Arbi Rasa

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Arbi ki tari wali Sabzi-A tangy delicious curry made with taro root and basic spices, without yogurt

Arbi ki tari wali sabzi - Arbi / colcasia/ taro root is a summer special vegetable but now like most of the vegetable this is also available through out the year. It is a tuber vegetable and the peel is slight itchy some times.

For making arbi sabzi either it is boiled and then peeled or is peeled and sliced before making the sabzi. There are so many versions of making arbi. You can deep fry it,shallow fry, make dry curry or make dahi wali arbi.

Arbi is also used in fasting recipes. Just skip turmeric and chili powder if you are making this to have during fasti

Rasa wali Arbi Sabzi without Dahi

Usually gravy wali arbi is made using dahi .But This arbi ki ras wali sabzi/ tari wali sabzi is a vegan recipe made without adding yogurt/ dahi. I have so many childhood memories of having this arbi ki sabzi with aam ki launji on the roof of our parental home during summer holiday with our cousins .

I love dahi ki arbi but this arbi sabzi / Panni wali arbi is my personal favourite. Addition of lemon juice gives a very nice taste and tanginess to this arbi ki rasa wali sabzi.

How To Make Arbi ki tari wali sabzi

First you have to wash the arbi then peel it with a potato peeler and slice to make medium thick roundels. Then heat some oil in the pressure cooker or in the pan and stir fry for 2-3 minutes.

Add all the spices and water and pressure cooker for 2-3 whistles or till arbi become soft. Then add a tempering of ajwain and asafoetida in the boiling curry.Then add lemon juice and fresh coriander leves and serve hot.

What to serve with Arbi ki tari wali sabzi

Arbi ki tari wali sabzi pairs well with paratha's ,poori and roti's . It can also be served as side dish with jeera rice or with dal rice combo.

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Arbi Ki Tari Wali Sabzi Recipe, How To Make Rase Wali Arbi, Arbi Rasa
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Arbi Ki Sabzi Tari wali

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