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April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

By Ashik Gosaliya

This is something that, completely depends on the weather!

Before traveling to any type of destination, it is preferred to know well about the weather and all other information that will make your travel pleasant and more likely enjoyable. Thailand is a home destination, that experiences a typical tropical climate because of which you won’t witness any major differences in the temperature.

The average temperature is always between 18°C and 35°C, with the coldest months being from December to February and the warmest being from April to June. Overall, you can enjoy a perfect weather all day long. Now, talking about a perfect travel plan that you can and you should make during this month itself. April month is quite a perfect time to visit Thailand.

Why April is considered a perfect time to travel Thailand?

During the month of April, you can witness a perfect combination of festivals and events that are celebrated with huge excitement. One of The biggest and the most widely declared holiday of the year is the Songkran Thai New Year Water Festival. This festival is celebrated between 13th to 15th April.

April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

What is Songkran Thai Festival?

This is an annual Thai festival that is celebrated to welcome the traditional Thai New Year, this is one of those events that is appreciated and is a unique festival. Most amazing and adventurous water fights, the partying atmosphere, captures the attention of the tourists and this actually has a great witness of people around the world. Attend this festival and make your summer holidays worth the spending. Use AirAsiaGo Code & enjoy the discounts on your fly.

More Reasons to visit Thailand?

The Street Food

April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

If you have a bit knowledge about Thailand then, you are also must be aware of the Thailand streets delicious lip-smacking taste. There is a big no of the lists that fall under the eminent food of the country or you can say specialties. But the most famous and widely popular among the travelers are, Thailand’s spiciest, tangiest tom yum soups which you can easily taste at the roadside malls, the hot & sour soup & other street food are also a great retreat to your palate.

Astounding Beach Bars

April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

Do visit the amazing beach bars because Thailand’s beach bars are pretty much a holiday kind of things. You can grapple wide options from driftwood shacks playing Bob Marley, and more swanky places to sip cocktails and dress up for enjoying a perfect serenity and tranquil ambience.

Luxurious Stay

April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

Despite all the adventures, fun and delicacies, if you don’t grapple a comfortable and luxurious stay your spending and the whole trip goes in vain so, keeping you covered and providing you with the best deals to afford a complete luxurious stay with all the leisure and fun provides you super exciting deals, just get your code ส่วนลด

A Spiritual Aura

April Is The Best Time To Travel To Thailand! Do You Know Why?

Thailand is the perfect destination to experience and witness spiritual aura very closely. The gleaming and the huge Buddha statue that can be found probably everywhere and in many various positions. The country is a perfect collection of the same. People from around the globe come to see the statues and know the related story behind!

Get your experience down the lane and enjoy the best time of the year in Thailand!

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