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Apple Will Be in a Lot of Troubles If the iPhone 5 Looks Like This

Posted on the 04 August 2012 by Jesusmsanchezl @JesusmSanchezl

iPhone 4SIn the last weeks everybody has been talking and commenting over the new iPhone 5. It has been so intense that bloggers around the world are just waiting for any small detail or leak from any source to have a better image of what it may look like.

Apple is one of those companies that does one thing good and it is design. But taking a look over the images and speculations of some bloggers, I think that In fact, Apple will be in a lot of troubles if it looks like that

Why do I say such thing about the designs of the almighty Apple?

Simple. Because the pictures that I have seen around the web doesn’t show me anything different in appearance of the new “iPhone 5″. It really looks pretty much like the iPhone 4S, which looked exactly like the iPhone 4.

To show you an example of what I am talking about, this is one of the possible iPhone 5 designs. Be the judge

Possible iPhone 5

Click to enlarge

Meanwhile, Apple competitors like Samsung are making phones so amazing that make Apple fans so jealous. This is the case of the Galaxy S3, that with its huge screen is making many consumers to change their minds over an Iphone.

Why do consumers prefers a screen over the majestic Apple designs?

Once again, the answer is pretty simple. Since almost all the smartphones are doing the same things task-wise (thanks to the OS’s), things like screens, buttons, size, weight, etc., are now the differentiation factors. Nowadays, this is now a huge variable that consumers take into consideration when buying a new phone. In the case of Apple, they are giving in each “new” generation of the iPhone almost no new improvement over its prior generation, which gives less reasons to the customers to upgrade.

See for yourself, which phone would you like to be using day to day

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 4S Front

Click to enlarge

Clearly Apple is falling behind the competition. These companies were waiting and working silently while the giant was doing nothing. And now, the tables are almost turned against Apple unless something really cool and innovative comes up when the iPhone 5 is revealed. If not, Apple will be in big troubles.

Hopefully, those pictures around the web aren’t actually of the iPhone 5.

And you, what do you think? share your opinion in the comments section.

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By Shivaram Venkatesh
posted on 30 August at 06:20

If the iPhone 5 looks like the above picture, then Apple needs to hire 200 more smart lawyers to sue the daylights out of their competitors to continue to remain profitable.

By Lukas Michalek
posted on 30 August at 03:03

It's the screen size people are after, there's plenty of android phones that are smaller. If it's not something you're after it doesn't mean other people don't want that. My pants have big pockets so the size is not a factor to me, and I watch movies on my phone during breaks at work, so the screen size is perfect for someone like me. The point that the article is making, Apple gives you no choices its either buy this from us or don't buy from us at all, that is why android is sweeping the market, choices.

By Lukas Michalek
posted on 30 August at 02:59

How does that surprise you? Apple is known for doing such things, take a look at firewire for example, or the fact that they are the only phone manufacturer that refuses to use micro usb when its an industry standard. Apple does whatever it can to rake in money, this is no different then everything else they have done in the past. Apple makes quality products, its their business practices that irritate me to the point where I will never buy any of their products.

By Cisco Balbontin
posted on 29 August at 23:57

if I wanted a dumb as big phone like the fugly samsung I would get one or just use my ipad but I don't want to carry around such a big ass device like wtf are people thinking to walk around with shit like that anyway? beats me really.

By Justin Mathews
posted on 29 August at 12:16

sooner or later every tech giant starts to shake. Personally I am appalled (unless there is a very good technical reason that has not been made clear) as to why the connectors on the phone will be a different size. Its so not a 'green' policy so force everyone who buys the iphone 5 to buy some adaptor gadget. All tech giants do it - change their electric socket sizes for no good reason other than to boost cable sales but it's not right. For some reason I didn't expect this from apple.

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