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Apple Report Losses Up to $ 2.52 Billion In Patent War Against Samsung

Posted on the 28 July 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

patent war samsung and apple
Apple claims that Samsung are indebted to it for $ 2.525 billion for losses they suffered due to a protracted patent war. Apple itself has been fighting against Samsung in multiple countries outside the United States, including Germany, Australia, Japan, and also some European countries.  Surely this protracted war to spend a lot of time and enormous amount of money, if Apple claims is true. Apple says that Samsung is owed ​​money by the amount of the loss to choose violating patents they already have.  Apple is also known to say that it believes that Samsung will be able to take place as the largest manufacturing company profits given the billions of dollars while the cost of production is only just around the 500 million dollars (which, according to Apple, including taking some of their profits). In the end, Apple promised to continue to pursue a permanent ban on Samsung products despite the recent decision shows that it is somewhat difficult to achieve this vendor. While Samsung's own party said that it uses a technology that Apple used to be successful in the mobile phone industry. Both will be re-faced in court on 30 July.
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By Alfredo McObat Rach
posted on 02 September at 03:50

Samsung gadgets are a bit pocket friendly than Apples. Why then should apple claim that samsung is gaining alot? Samsung is just trynna pass the benefit to the consumer...........kudos samsung.

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