Business Magazine Founder Now Worth $900 Million Purchased The Domain For Around $600K Last Year

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains

Earlier today we wrote about going public making the founder a very wealthy guy.

George Kirikos just found out that the domain was acquired by the recently acquired by the company in March 2013 for approximately £391,000, which based on the exchange rate of £1.5205 the domain sold for just about $600,000.

George notes that on Page 104 of the prospectus, they bought 2 domains for £391,000 total, and given the dates, that was mostly for  The other domain they acquired at the time was

Prior to acquiring the domain name the company used as their main site.

So from a $600K purchase in 2013 to a public company with a valuation in the billions.

Thanks George



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