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Anxiety, Yoga and Our Truth with Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes

By Ninazolotow @Yoga4HealthyAge

By Bridget

Lately I've been hearing from my students that they've been having trouble sleeping, and I've surely found myself wide awake at 3am a few times as well. There's a lot pulling our attention these days, which seems to be resulting in a general state of anxiety for many of us. Yoga is thought of as a tool to aid us in dealing with or overcoming anxiety, but what happens when the very things that usually calm us actually lead to more distress?

In this Accessible Yoga podcast, yoga teachers Jivana Heyman and Amber Karnes sit down to discuss their individual journeys with anxiety. They both share the ways yoga has been helpful and discuss what has not served them. This conversation holds the space to normalize the fact that we are all navigating anxiety and that some of us are navigating anxiety disorders. Jivana, who is writing a new book, felt it was important to have this conversation, giving a space for him to share authentically about his journey through grief and anxiety. In this episode Jivana shares deeply about reshaping his practice diving deeply into self exploration as a way to learn to accept the role anxiety plays in his life. Amber also talks in depth about how yoga gave her new tools to navigate her thoughts, patterns and negative self-talk. 

Anxiety, Yoga and Our Truth with Jivana Heyman and Amber KarnesJivana Heyman: Website | Instagram | FacebookAmber Karnes: Website | Instagram | Facebook

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