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Antonio Cromartie Doesn't Want Tim Tebow -- The New York Jets Locker Room is Still in Crisis Mode

By Beardandstache @BeardAndStache

Antonio Cromartie Doesn't Want Tim Tebow -- The New York Jets Locker Room is Still in Crisis Mode

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- Troy Ballard 

It may have taken three-days longer than planned for the Denver Broncos to trade Tim Tebow to the New York Jets, but pending Tebowmania aside, Antonio Cromartie doesn't think the team needs him.
The trade for Tebow comes in the wake of an underwhelming 8-8 season in 2011, where the Jets, and most notably head coach Rex Ryan, had nothing but Super Bowl ambitions. The team totally fell apart, and afterwards, reports surfaced that New York had serious issues in the locker room.
To make matters worse, the Jets traded for Tebow after current incumbent starter, Mark Sanchez, is coming off the worst year of his career. And despite reports from the team that Sanchez is still the starter, there has to be a hint of doubt throughout the organization.
Like clockwork, and like any good troubled locker room, the Jets failed to welcome Tebow in with open arms.
Instead, Cromartie did about the exact opposite of that.
When the former Pro-Bowl corner found out that the trade for Tebow had gone through officially, he took to Twitter express his distaste with the move. In his frustration, he sent out these gems to his following of over 100,000 --!/ACromartie/status/182219878919446529!/ACromartie/status/182485807142154240

Well, Antonio, I must applaud you! Somehow, in two short tweets, you managed to insult not only Tebow, but also three separate NFL organizations! That has to be a record, right? It's no doubt on par with Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco! 
Well played, sir. 
But seriously -- I get having Sanchez's back, but there is literally no reason to bash Tebow and sell him out before he even takes the field for New York. That's a recipe for disaster. It's the same stuff that ripped apart the Jets' locker room last season, and the exact same reason the team missed the playoffs entirely. 
It's a common courtesy. How many players in the NFL, when word is spread that their respective team has traded for another player, hits the social media monster and rips the trade and player? Mutual respect and decency must have also been traded to Denver for Tebow, because there isn't much remaining in New York.
Somehow, the team has vacillated from not having Sanchez's back at all, to some players going over the top defending him. There's a balance, and obviously a Ryan-led team can't seem to find it. This has been an issue for the past three seasons, and evidently, the trading of Tebow is going to just pour fuel onto the fire. 
Who could have guessed? 
Have fun, Tim. I'm not even sure if you're locker room demeanor and leadership can pull the Jets out of this mess of egos and overly sensitive superstars. But really, good luck. 
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