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Answer To Fitness, Workout And Weight Loss Questions.

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Answers To Fitness, Workout And Weight Loss Questions.

Few weeks ago we sent an email to our community members, asking them if they have any important question on health and fitness, please send it to us. We asked our health and fitness expert and licensed personal trainer Victor Kwartoski to review and respond to them. He received lots of questions and chose four of those to share here:

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Q 1. Jonathan Filex asked: “The chicken and egg challenge, do I Eat before or after workout?”

A: Jonathan Thanks for asking this question. This all depends when in the day you plan to workout. If you have a workout program set in the morning, make sure to wake few hours prior to your workout for eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast. I have seen many people workout without consuming anything to eat in the morning.

Your body has already consumed the energy from the dinner the night before. Without breakfast, your might feel lightheaded and have a low blood sugar. Workout and food go hand to hand. You cannot start a car without a fuel nevertheless to drive it. My advice is to eat frequently in small portions at least one hour before your workout session. The best nutrition after your workout is fruits. Most people eat fruit as a desert after their meal. The best way to get the most nutrition and vitamins out of the fruits is to eat them before actual food or in between meals. When you workout, you burn all the calories and energy from whatever you consumed previously and your body is fully ready to receive a fresh pack of energy. Fresh up all your energy with a power of fruit right after workout.

Keep your body hydrated. Drink plenty of liquid. Don’t over drink during the workout session and try to sip small amounts, but it is important to keep your body hydrated.

Q2. Mat Delroso asked: “How long is a perfect workout session?”

A: Mat, I want to thank you for asking this very important question. A length of workout is one of the major make it or breaks it for many. Most people have this misconception that the longer the length of the workout the better result. To respond I must point out the length of workout can be determined based on the purpose of the workout, weight and strength of the person working out, being advanced or beginner workout and lastly the method of workout.

As a beginner bodybuilder with a great strength, ten minutes warm up, twenty minutes cardio, twenty minutes on abs and a full hour weight lift. The more advance you become, the shorter your workout session should be since you lift heavier weight. Lifting heavier weight as you advance balances the shorter time workout. If you keep going up on the weight and the time of workout, you’ll burn your muscles instead of building them. It is important to adjust a well programmed and schedule workout session from beginning to advance level. To get the best result and obtain a healthy workout program, hire a qualified personal trainer to help you with your goals.

If you are an active person and working out for maintaining the health and shape of your body, your workout mostly consist of cardio and abs session. Based on the physical ability of the person I workout with to train, I suggest 1 full hour 3 times a week. Based on availability of your daily schedule, you also can set your daily workout to 45 minutes. The key to success is consistency. Most people start great and after a while because the push themselves to fast, too much, they give up working out all together.

Keep the length of workout desirable to your body need and make it consistent to get the best result.

Q3. Nina Berani asked: “Does working out related to dieting?”

A: Nina, to answer your question I firmly respond “Yes”. As I stated in answers above, what we eat is the fuel to our body. Now the confusion is eating caused the fat in my body, why eating is yet important in workout program? The key to an effective workout is the perfect and healthy diet program. To understand the nutrition fact of a food plate, consider the amount of energy it produces in your body. Some food have more calories and fat but instead of a boost in energy, make our body sluggish and tired. On the other hand, small portion of crisp and fresh vegetable or fruits might not seem as a stomach filler, but produces vast amount of energy.

To plan a perfect diet program along with workout exercises, first you need to determine the goal of the workout. Why is it that you’re working out? Are working out to lose weight, gain weight, build muscle or keep in shape? Different workout goal and planning requires certain workout diet program. Many certified body trainers and personal training professionals are licensed in nutrition program. When hiring a personal trainer, ask if they are certified nutritionist. If not, hiring a qualified nutritionist and consulting your goals with this skilled professional worth the fees and goes a long way.

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Q4. Emily Rotondo asked: “Cardio or weight lift?”

A: Emily, workout consists of three branches. Cardio, abs and weight lift. Each branch has plenty of methods and exercises. To determine what workout branch is the best for your body, first you must know what you want to achieve by working out. If you want to build muscles, lifting weight is your main workout program and you can add the rest of the branches to maintain its shape. Based on your body need and the change you want to make, assign the branch of workout.

The most challenging task is to assign proper workout program. Assigning workout planning is especially very difficult when it comes to certain adjustment in body parts. Under belly parts, armpits, buttocks, lower abdominal are some of the pinpoint direct targeting workout planning. To get the best result is best to consult with a qualified personal trainer to get the proper branch of workout or a combination of all three in a harmonized program to achieve your goal.

Thanks to our community members for participating in this questionnaire and special gratitude to Victor for responding to these questions of fitness and workout program. Comment box is open if you have any question you might want to add or refer and recommend your favorite workout program or trainer.

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