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Another Victim of the Florida Stand Your Ground Laws

Posted on the 17 July 2012 by Mikeb302000
A good argument can be made here that WITHOUT the Shoot First laws in Florida, there would be no dead man here, and there would have been no threat to Law Enforcement either.
This guy screwed up by answering the door with a gun - something he was entitled to do in Florida under their stupid Shoot First laws.  The cops made a serious mistake in not identifying themselves; it is not clear if the officers in question were obviously law enforcement (in uniform, etc.).
If we didn't have a failure of civilization with the stupid and deadly U.S. gun culture, we wouldn't have this kind of occurrence. Period.
We wouldn't have some dimbulb gun zombie answering the door with a firearm.  If he was uncertain as to his safety relating to the people on the other side of his front door, a better solution would be to simply keep the door closed and ASK for them to show some ID, and for their purpose in being there.
THAT would have prompted the cops to identify themselves; and further, if he was still skeptical the dead gun nut could have confirmed who they were with the PD instead of getting himself killed.  What he did was stupid gun nut swaggering macho.  He died as much by stupidity as by bullets.
Law enforcement of course doesn't get a pass here either.  There are many reasons they could and should have avoided killing this guy on their way to arresting the right people.
I don't agree with this article that the police shouldn't have killed the man who pointed a gun at them; when you shoot, you shoot to kill, not wound.  But there is some merit to the question raised, who protects us from incompetent or over-eager law enforcement that is gun happy.
from Opposing Views
Lake County Police Shoot and Kill Wrong Man, Andrew Lee Scott
article image
By Melissa Darcey, Mon, July 16, 2012Police in Lake County, Florida accidentally shot and killed a man they assumed was an attempted murder suspect.
Early Monday morning, several deputies from the Lake County Sheriff’s Office knocked on Andrew Lee Scott’s apartment door in the Blueberry Hills Apartment complex. They did not identify themselves as police and the 26-year-old answered the door with a gun in hand.
According to the Lt. John Herrell, Scott’s gun was aimed at one of the deputies, and that's why he was ultimately shot and killed.
The deputies have not been identified because of safety reasons, since incidents like this could result in retaliation from local citizens. The biggest question most have is: Even if you must shoot at the man because of a threat, did you have to kill him? Then again, conversely, one might ask: Who answers the door pointing a weapon at anyone, let alone police?
Call it a conspiracy or call it just being in the wrong place at the wrong time; either way, it’s a nasty mix-up.
Deputies were actually looking for Jonathan Brown, a man accused of attempted murder. Brown had been seen at the Blueberry Hills complex and his motorcycle was parked across from Scott’s front door. Apparently, those signs were enough to assume Brown was in that apartment.
Quoted by, Herrell is standing by his deputies, explaining, “The bottom line is, you point a gun at a deputy sheriff or plice officer, you’re going to get shot.”
But killed? Shooting and killing a man are two very different things. Friends of Scott and other citizens believe the police reacted too quickly and too intensely, especially when they had no proof that they were confronting Brown. They made a risky decision and it was the wrong one.
Brown was arrested soon after in a nearby location and, along with another suspect, Anthony Rodriguez, was booked into Lake County Jail.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating the incident. The deputy who shot Scott and the other two deputies who were with him are all on administrative leave.
Unfortunately, this incident will only give citizens more reasons to fear and avoid law enforcement. The police may be protecting us from criminals, but who’s protecting us from the police?

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