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Anonymous - William Shake-Speare - Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford

Posted on the 24 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
it's not necessarily a 'film analysis' post, but, in passing, and having watched, last night, the Roland Emmerich adaptation of the 'authorship question' concerning one William Shake-Speare, namely the film ANONYMOUS.
I mean, we're talking about the German film writer/director who brought us Stargate (which totally rewrote Ancient Egyptian History for consumerist mass market entertainment purposes) and Independence Day (which, five years prior to 9/11, showed a TOP DOWN (space beam) demolition of a New York skyscraper).
So, it was with a certain modicum of trepidation at the historical-butchery-about-to-ensue that I watched ANONYMOUS, last night. And it was only after I'd watched the Extras that I realised this is a much BIGGER subject than we hear about here in UK. Appears there's quite an American Oxfordian movement to have the 17th Earl of Oxford re-instated or attributed/identified as The Bard. Oxfordian movement, reminds this blogger of the 2nd Earl of Rochester, aka The Libertine, but that's another story.
Emmerich's film ANONYMOUS is basically based on a 1920's-released book SHAKESPEARE IDENTIFIED by an English schoolteacher J Thomas Looney claiming such; it was convincing but not well filmed, stilted; accented somehow.
Here's a playlist of a very interesting and in-depth speech from 1995 by a 'devout Oxfordian' i.e. one of those who are convinced that 'William Shake-Speare' had to have been 'nobility' not 'some actor from Stratford upon Avon', on the Edward de Vere subject.

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