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Anniversary Roulette

By Aussalorens

You know how you sometimes wonder if the people you talk to online are even real people?  Laurie Works will give you the opposite feeling—there is something about this girl that cuts to the bone, she’s so real.  If you aren’t already reading her, you should start.  For a proper glimpse at the soul of this girl, start with “The Day My Sisters Died.” 


I’m not planning it this time,” I told him. “I planned our first anniversary. It’s up to you to plan the whole thing.” At first he acted a little peeved, but then he settled into the idea. I continued to remind him, persistently, that I was not going to plan it, and something needed to be planned, so he needed to do it.

I mean, since when does the GIRL plan the first anniversary alone and drag her husband along?? I told him to plan our second anniversary. I decided I needed to not run the show (while secretly pulling the strings by getting him to do all the work…obviously). And I tried to keep my expectations low, since those had ruined me on the first anniversary.

Anniversary Roulette

(Birthday, anniversary… same difference)

August 1, 2011 arrived. Miraculously he had actually followed through and planned our 2nd anniversary activities. 2 years. The entirety of those years had been fraught with pain, and hardship, and trying to figure out how to navigate our marriage when he was constantly ripping into my trust with his pornography addiction. By this time my heart felt like a festering, gangrenous wound. The atomic bombshells of each time he admitted he’d been lying were scattered across my heart and left it pockmarked. Worse, I did nothing for this spreading disease and in fact I was furthering the dreadful infection, like the Black Plague in London way back in the olden days. Between the both of us, we were destroying any population we had a chance of building.

But we had made it to a second anniversary, somehow. And he had planned it this time. For once he’d followed through. And he had followed through but good.

Anniversary Roulette

(Like a mixtape, early 2000s style)

He had somehow remembered that music was water to my soul, and had made me a romantic playlist. Who was this person? Certainly not my husband!

After the fabulous mixtape start to our day, we drove an hour to a nearby hippie town and had lunch. Considering my inner hippie, this was an excellent plan. And then, the coup d’etat…

My husband had planned for us to go gambling.

Anniversary Roulette


I was 22 and had never been to a casino before. I had no idea what it would be like. To be honest I’d never really even considered going. But when I got there, I was thrumming with the excitement that only “forbidden” activities can provide. Having never set foot in a casino, I had a picture of them as a den of wickedness. The chance to actually go inside stimulated my rebellious side.

And the main reason we were going? Why, free drinks, of course! Spend a little money and get free drinks all night. Hell yeah! (Why YES! I am now a recovering alcoholic!)

Anniversary Roulette

(The Good Stuff… actually I hated tequila but this was a great illustration)

While there, we wandered around to the game tables to see the action. One guy pulled us into his roulette game. I shall call him The Gambling Man. He had noticed me standing there and sauntered over. Slyly, he asked me to make a bet, and wouldn’t you know it… I bet and I was correct! Seeing my intuitional abilities, the man gave me and my husband $50 in chips to spend on roulette. I might have swung my hips a little bit, or smiled a pretty little smile, or laughed at his antics. Hey, when flirting gets you free money…

My husband was oblivious to this part. I was just happy that someone noticed my beauty (since the hubs didn’t exactly pay any attention). If it was earning me something to boot, it was totally worth it.

When the waitress came by, The Gambling Man ordered premium drinks for us, on the house.

“Husband dear, you have planned the best anniversary ever. Let me tell ya,” I thought, while guzzling my drink complete with specialty patron…or was it rum? Eh, who cares! My head was spinning already along with the roulette wheel, and it was delicious.

After promptly losing that $50 at the roulette table (I could literally feel the luck going downhill) The Gambling Man became disillusioned with my beauty and gave us a $10 chip, waving us away. I gratefully guzzled my premium drink, heady with all the endorphins. A thoughtful playlist, the hippie foothills town, winning money (hey, it’s a free $10!) and getting drunk… it was quite likely the best day my husband and I had ever spent together. My husband had actually planned ahead. Incredible. Maybe our luck would hold.

Honey, you’re my roulette wheel. Spinning my head with luck, endorphins rushing through my veins… I never realize…

2 days later, our marriage fell apart.

…It’s all a game.

I didn’t realize until recently how ridiculously ironic it is that on our last anniversary together, we went gambling.

Have you ever had any ironies happen just before the end of a relationship? What was your first experience at a casino like? What’s the most money you’ve won while gambling?



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