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  • Flocking


    Flocking (is that a word) – Roosting and Nesting? If you have an issue like this, you might have poop everywhere? Here’s your sign, right? Read more

    7 hours, 21 minutes ago by   Probestpest
  • Clutter


    in and around your home Clutter in and around your home is an open ended invitation to come hang out if your a pests. Don’t allow cluttered areas because they... Read more

    The 13 august 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Trust & Reliability

    Trust Reliability

    Trust Reliability Trust Reliability is what it is all about! We get more work from referrals than anything else we do. Read more

    The 10 august 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Losing Earth & Hothouse Earth

    Losing Earth Hothouse

    Flash Droughts Are Becoming More Common. I wanted to bookmark two well-written articles on climate change that contain useful information. Nothing better than... Read more

    The 07 august 2018 by   Garry Rogers
  • BurrowRX Underground Rodents

    BurrowRX Underground Rodents

    BurrowRx underground rodents BurrowRx underground rodents. Do you have underground rodents (rats and mice), ground squirrels, pocket gophers, gophers, moles or... Read more

    The 06 august 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Hoarding Collecting

    Hoarding Collecting

    Hoarding collecting, clutter, junk, trash or just way to much stuff. The problem with this is often the amount collected. To much often hides other issues like... Read more

    The 02 august 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Helping Wildlife Survive the Sixth Mass Extinction

    Helping Wildlife Survive Sixth Mass Extinction

    Preserving Critical Habitats Will Help More Wildlife Survive This morning, an article by Andrew Suggitt (How wildlife will keep cool. . . .) made me think... Read more

    The 30 july 2018 by   Garry Rogers
  • Rock Walls

    Rock Walls

    Rock walls and foundations. 24/7/365 that’s how termites work, always in search of food for the colony. They never sleep and if your home is in their path,... Read more

    The 30 july 2018 by   Probestpest
  • Lesson 1569- Life Lessons I Want My Kids to Know

    Lesson 1569- Life Lessons Want Kids Know

    This is a love letter of sorts. Years ago, before I was even married, I picked up a buttercup yellow Life is Good nightshirt. I’d always been a tee-shirt sleepe... Read more

    The 25 july 2018 by   Wendythomas
  • Value


    exactly what is it? the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. “your support is of great value” So what... Read more

    The 24 july 2018 by   Probestpest