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Angelina Jolie - Finding Strength and Success out of a Difficult Upbringing.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro
Angelina Jolie

Today I will look at Angelina Jolie thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers – thank you Veritas. If ever you are interested in me delving into the motivations and the life of anyone famous of currently in the news, if I have the time I will do an article. Please email me at my address on the left hand side of the page.

Angelina Jolie Voight to give her full name was born on 4th June 1975 in Los Angeles, California at 09.09 in the morning. She is a Sun Gemini with a very active Aries Moon and a very protective Cancer Ascendant. Sun Gemini’s tend to have a scattergun approach to life, bouncing around from one thing to the next, they are the type that never sit still for a minute. Versatile but not always reliable, Geminis always need to know what is going on. Chatty and fun, they are the true communicators of the zodiac.

AngelinaJolie natal

Angelina’s chart is notable for two things. Firstly there are no planets in Earth signs. Gemini’s need grounding at the best of times so this will prove a problem to Angelina. Secondly her chart contains a mystic rectangle. is formation does not appear very often in Astrology.

Now, the Sun in Gemini in the 11th house forms one corner to the rectangle. Moving out by sextile we find a conjunction of Jupiter Moon and Mars on the Midheaven, all of which are in Aries in the 9th. There is a trine from Sun to Pluto in the 3rd house and an opposition from Sun to Neptune in the 5th. Finally from the triple conjunction we find an opposition back to Pluto. Mystic rectangles are often quite creative formations, the energy flows easily around the outside (these show the talents), almost as a barrier to the two stressful oppositions from within. The trick in handling them is to learn to use the oppositions as motivational tools, so that these talents can be fully expressed. I think that Mystic Rectangles can also be rather Scorpionic in nature, all the tensions can get bottled up inside and without an outlet, the tensions of the oppositions can almost destroy you from within. This one does have a outlet through a square from the triple conjunction out to Saturn.

The Sun in the 11th house is one where you feel far happier doing group projects, especially helping others (this is the Aquarius house). The Sun in Gemini makes one speak out and with Mercury also here in the 11th  in Gemini conjunct to the Sun, Angelina has been very vocal and active in supporting refugees in troubled states around the globe, from Cambodia to Darfur; she has visited over 50 countries in her work for the United Nations. Angelina has a quick versatile mind, always on the go and curious about life. Mercury in Gemini can tend to know a little about a lot of subjects, but rarely delves too deeply to uncover the minute details – Mercury in Gemini tends to gloss over the surface. She will have a flair for languages, a love of speaking, writing and conversing with the public and especially with friends. Moving around the outside of the rectangle, the trine from Sun to Pluto in the 3rd intensifies the passion and conviction of her voice. She is an impassioned speaker for peace and reconciliation in troubled areas. She also will be interested in group projects and associations, politics and social movements, within which she will want to be someone who stands out and takes the alternative view (Mercury trine Uranus). Pluto is in Libra, which shows a really strong need for harmonious relationships, and this pushes her to travel to war torn areas of the world as an ambassador to try to make a difference. Angelina will need to know exactly what is going on globally, and will having a deep interest in getting to the bottom of any problem and sorting it out.

Moving the other way from the Sun in the 11th house we see a sextile to a Jupiter Moon Mars and Midheaven. This is a very aspirational set of sextiles, self confident and ambitious (Sun sextile Jupiter), someone who wants to win and be first, a go getter (Sun sextile Mars) and very supportive of her family (Sun sextile Moon).  I say supportive despite the indication that at home life will be a bit of a battle; when young, she would have fought with her mother for sure. The Moon conjunct to Mars in fiery Aries sees to this as well, as the fact that Uranus sits in the 4th house of home and family. Angelina’s home life would have been disruptive and we know that she came out of a broken family, her parents separating when she was just one. Just to reinforce the point, both ends of her parental axis, the cusps of the 4th house/10th house are under stress. Mars ruling Aries on the 10th cusp suffers a square to Saturn and Venus ruling Libra on the cusp of the 4th house is squared by disruptive Uranus. As a rule, whenever either or both of these cusps are under stress, the Astrologer knows that life with the parents was difficult.  

The combination of Jupiter, Mars and Moon give emphasis to the Midheaven, Angelina will have been very determined and optimistic that she could reach the top, to fulfill her considerable ambitions. Acting wise, she tends to go for big budget physical action roles like Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith, Wanted & Salt; a result of the Mars/Jupiter influence on the Midheaven as well as the whole conjunction being in Aries. This Aries Midheaven will make her very publically vocal and impassioned; wanting to make a big impression on the world stage (all 3 planets are in the international 9th house) as someone who takes the initiative.

This quadruple conjunction completes the mystic rectangle by making a trine to Neptune. Here is the film and acting link. All that optimism, the grand ideas the need to be first and pre-eminent, the public appreciation she needs is translated through the Aries Midheaven into her acting. Neptune is in the creative 5th house in optimistic Sagittarius. Angelina has a definite charisma about her (Neptune trine Mars) and the Neptune Moon trine gives her a delicate edge, despite all the Aries and aggressiveness in the rest of the chart.

Finding Neptune in the 5th explains Angelina’s absolute love of children. She has adopted three and had three more naturally. Interestingly the adopted children all came from foreign shores, from Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia once again confirming the Sagittarian link. Neptune in the 5th house does look for the perfect love and in Brad Pitt she finally has found someone who comes up to her rigorous standards. This is her 3rd high profile relationship, 2 marriages to Johnny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton ending up in the divorce courts. Angelina has Capricorn on the cusp of her 7th house, permanent relationships will often cause her disappointments. Brad is a good match for her as he has 6 planets in Earth signs (remember Angelina has none). With Capricorn (an earth sign) ruling her 7th, it is no wonder that she was drawn to him immediately? We all unconsciously seek to fill the gaps in our lives, and he provides the stability (earth) that she requires.

Right. I’ve explored the outside of the mystic rectangle, the part of Angelina that we actually see, the motivations that act as a buffer or shield for the frailties of the two oppositions that lie within. Those oppositions are not easy. We have a Sun Neptune opposition and Pluto opposed to Mars and the Moon. The Sun Neptune again reinforces the Neptune Moon and Neptune Midheaven trines, bringing sensitivity, artistic ability and a love of beauty and color. This opposition softens the persona but opens up the possibility of escapism, drug and alcohol abuse; problems which coloured her early life. We also find the possibility of being deceived or deceiving others in the giving and receiving of love. The other opposition Pluto opposite Moon/Mars is very stormy. Angelina will always fight for control within her relationships and this will often lead to a dominant partner / submissive partner situation . She will be subject to instant, magnetic obsessions about people she encounters, her personal desires are intense and her personal relationships difficult as a result. The relationship with her mother as I touched on earlier would have been very close yet tumultuous, and a lot of her behavior I believe stems from her influence, indeed it was her mother who inspired her to turn to acting.

Like grand trines, I think mystic rectangles need an outlet otherwise the whirling energies of the rectangle can encompass you completely. The outlet on this one  as I mentioned earlier is through a square from the quadruple conjunction to Saturn in the 12th. Saturn is in family based Cancer, so the energies resulting from the rectangle are used in a serious and constructive way to caring after her family (Cancer) especially her children who she will like to keep out of the spotlight (12th), and through her work (Saturn). Saturn through the square to the Moon amplifies the difficult emotional problems and clashes with her mother but at the same time it contributes a good work ethic (Saturn square Mars). Her moods will veer between the optimistic and the pessimistic (Saturn square Jupiter) and because of the 12th house, placing she will appear rather cool and distant. Saturn in the 12th tends to be a bit defensive, fearing dependence on others (this maybe a result of her early life experiences) and as such she will often appear on the defensive. Angelina will need to get away to the seclusion of her family life and the joy of her children every so often; it will be the one thing that keeps her life on a balance.

There is one more aspect that I have yet to explore, from Venus in Cancer just inside the 12th house conjunct to the ascendant square to Uranus in the 4th. Venus in a prominent position on an angle (especially Ascendant and Midheaven) always gives good looks and Angelina has head turning beauty which she has utilised to further her career. In the 12th it shows that with relationships of all sorts, she will suffer in some way. Those relationships will start at a moment’s notice, electric and impulsively but as with any connection to Uranus, the excitement often wears off soon and then reality hits home.

Angelina is a fascinating character, as I am sure you will agree. A little mysterious and definitely wary of the world, she sometimes can’t help herself in throwing herself into situations where she will make news. She is an achiever, has belief in her own abilities, has suffered her full share of problems in her life (many self-inflicted), yet her love of children and her passion about fixing humanity and making the world a better and safer place does come from the heart. I think she truly cares about those in trouble and to those whom she loves, and always will.

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