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Andy Shauf Looks for ‘The Worst In You’ on New Track [Stream]

Posted on the 27 April 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Andy Shauf Looks for ‘The Worst In You’ on New Track [Stream]

Andy Shauf has given us another promising taste from his upcoming album with, “The Worst In You”. This newest release is a melancholic afternoon jam — a narrative tale of the blinding paranoia and persecution complex that relationships can bring about. According to Shauf, the song is about “a guy trying to find his girlfriend at a party, and about how easy it is to jump to negative conclusions.” The track begins with the lyrics, “Why do I always find the worst in you?” and ends with a moment of realized projection onto his partner as Shauf sings, “Why do I always seek the worst in you?”

“The Worst In You” feels like a solitary walk, the beat leisurely and steady. Andy Shauf manages to evoke the comfort and beauty found within heartache, somehow reconciling the seemingly incompatible elements of happiness and sadness. The end of the song leaves the listener with the sense of rejuvenation that solitude can bring, purging and cleansing us of any negative emotion. Keep an eye out for Andy Shauf’s upcoming record, The Party, set for release May 20th.

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