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Ancient Egyptian Military

By Egyking
Egypt is of the countries in Africa and the Middle East. The ancient name for Egypt is Kemet meaning 'black land'. It had obtained its name owing to the fertile black soil found on the plains of the Nile river which flows through Egypt.
Egypt is also known for its historical monuments like the Giza pyramid complex and even the Egyptian civilization holds a lot of importance. Egypt is a country which has political and cultural significance for the Middle East. Egypt derived its English name from various sources like the French word Egypte, from Latin Aegyptus and ancient Greek Aigyptos.

Ancient Egyptian Military

Ancient Egyptian Military

The military was responsible to protect Egypt against outside invasion and also to maintain Egypt's control in the ancient Near East region. Military also protected mining voyages during the Old Kingdom period. It even fought civil wars, maintained fortifications. There were forts which were specially built to establish a military base there.
Standing army was used in the New Kingdom period. The military men used bows and arrows, spears, shields with round tops made from animal skin as their weapons. Chariots were used in the New Kingdom. These chariots were initially known to have used by the Hyksos intruders.
After bronze came to be used, there was an improvement in the weapons and armors of the Egyptian military. The old shields were not replaced by those made out of solid wood that had a bronze buckle, even spears had bronze points. The use of Khopesh was also known. It was borrowed from the Asian soldiers.

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