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Ancient Egyptian Literature

By Egyking
The ancient Egyptians regarded the literature as a source of spiritual nourishment and a unique way to raise the style of expression. Ancient Egyptian literature discussed almost every aspect of life. Literary works were classified by subjects in the different "types" such as novels, poems, folk tales, proverbs, sayings, wise, moral teachings, meditations and philosophical messages literature. These were divided into title, introduction, body and conclusion.
ancient egyptian literature
The oldest literature preserved the Pyramid Texts, are funerary texts carved inside the pyramids of the kings and queens of the posterior part of the Old Empire, they were designed to ensure the rightful place of the sovereign deceased in the afterlife. These texts include mythology, hymns to the gods, and with the daily rituals.Secular literature includes stories, instructive literature, known as wisdom texts and poems. Some of the stories include elements of mythology and may have a lot to tell an oral history tradition. There are simple stories of Egypt have survived for thousands of years. Turquoise Amulet-pharaoh Snefru trip on the Nile with the girl who lost her amulet is an example.
Ancient Egypt was always at least two scripts in operation, for eternity, security deployed with the official art (hieroglyphics), one for every day purposes (cursive, first hieratic, demotic later ) At the time of the First Intermediate Period and the Middle Kingdom are instructional texts, each written in the name of a reigning king, telling his son and successor how different specific historical events influenced the kingship and how the son should enjoy errors father.Among the stories written during the Middle Kingdom are The Story of Sinuhe, a palace official who fled to Syria after the death of King Amenemhat I and became a rich and important man there. The oldest medical and mathematical papyrus also date from this period.
The Egyptians were the first of the ancient world wrote books and read books, which had books, and loved them. And literature was the most varied character, scientific, secular and religious. It included treatises on morality and education, state-papers, work on geometry, medicine, astronomy and magic travel tales, fables, heroic poems and love songs.Book of the Dead is a famous literature of ancient Egypt. The three oldest Homeric texts already known from the land of the Pharaohs. Other papyrus found in the present century contain fragments of Sappho, Anacreon, Thespis, Pindar, Alcaeus, and Timothy, and all, without exception, come from graves.

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