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An Official NYPD Statement on the Photo of the OWS Protester?

Posted on the 24 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
OK, I contacted Ofcr. William Jenkins at the 81st precinct, Community Affairs: (718-574-0433). He could not verify that this was a real picture.
He suggested I contact NYPD, Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Public Information (646-610-5000) for an official statement and they were unable to verify the photo. They did not have an official statement. They said that the person who took the photo was the person we should contact.
I contracted the mayor's office with this query:

I am trying to verify a photo that was alleged to have been taken of an Occupy Wall Street Protester allegedly defecating on a NYPD Car (2361) from the 81st Precinct that was published in the British Newpaper: the Daily Mail.
I have contacted the NYPD, but unable to help me.
Is there anyone in the Mayors office who can provide an official statement regarding this photo?

As of now, the only person who can verify that this was a true picture would be the word of the photographer. That means we have to put any reliability on this photograph to the credibility of the photographer, its source: the Daily Mail, and the general reliability of the picture.

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