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An Nahar and Hindustan: One Day After Launch of New Look

Posted on the 13 April 2011 by Themarioblog @garciainteract

TAKEAWAY: The first reports are in 24 hours after Lebanon’s An Nahar and India’s Hindustan premiered new looks, new content Tuesday. PLUS: Links of interest today

The readers seem to be happy in Lebanon and India with the new looks of their newspapers An Nahar, published in Beirut, and Hindustan, in Delhi.

Candice Sanghini, of An Nahar, uses the word “superb” to report how readers of all ages have reacted to the new look of An Nahar.  “We were concerned that our most conservative, older readers, might not go for this new look of their newspaper, but no such thing. Everyone seems to really like it. We have hundreds of testimonials from readers saying they like their new An Nahar.“

Meanwhile, in Delhi, Anup Gupta, creative director for the Hindustan Media group writes us that “ the reactions have been uniformly positive. From the readers as well
as the trade. From the legibility of the font, to the navigation, to the clarity of the page structure, to the approach on the supplement, everything has been accepted and appreciated.“

So we have put together a few pages from today’s editions for both An Nahar and Hindustan. You be the judge.  As I always say, it takes a good 30 days for a new design to take hold.  I think both of these publications are doing remarkably well for only one day. We will keep you posted.

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