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An Extraordinarly Disappearance: The Departure of Master CVV

By Luphil

The most extraordinary person about which I came to know in my life is Master CVV (1868-1922). However, it took years for me to realize it. When I first read a book about him 18 years ago, traveling in the underground of Hamburg, it was a like a thunderbolt. It had a lasting effect on my life.

Today, 12 May, is the day of the departure of Master CVV in 1922. He said that it won’t be his death but his physical disappearing. He repeatedly demonstrated deathlessness and said that all who follow him will also experience deathlessless.

Below is a short extract from two lecturer of Dr. K. Parvathi Kumar about the departure of Master CVV.

Master CVV announced his disciples that 12 May I depart. They didn’t mind because he demonstrated departure and arrival, 18 times. He demonstrated there is no death if you follow the path of yoga. You can gain the body of light and live eternally. To ensure gain enough trust, 18 times he departed for hours and came back. He said, “On 12 May 1922, I depart.” Disciples asked, “Master will you come back?” – “No, this time I don’t come back.” – “How can you leave us?” – “I don’t leave but you won’t see me in this body.” – “Is it final decisions?” – “Yes.” They were all in tears.

He said, “Don’t weep. You too can gain it if you follow me. That you can depart and you don’t have to die.”

They all gathered around him on that day – he said, “All who will weep can stay out of the room.” One disciple said, “Will you give me the garment so that I can keep it as a memento?” He wanted the robe of Master. He said, “I wanted to give you a golden robe, why do you want a cloth robe?” He gave it anyway. “Follow me, you too will get a golden robe. I am moving into golden and diamond robes. Even from those robes, I divert myself. I permeate all around the earth. And whosoever invokes me, I shall directly relate to him. And work with him to form the golden body so that you will experience there is no such thing as death. At 10:28 in the morning, I depart.” And he did.

Before Master CVV departed he said, “Don’t burn me, sink me into the river of Cauvery, the Mother Cauvery will take me.” The family did not agree; there was the tradition to cremate. They did not see the grandeur of the father. No prophet is known in his own land, less in his own house. They did not give much credit to his wish. They prepared the fire, they lit it, but there was suddenly a torrential rain. The river Cauvery swell and took away the fire and the body, so there was no way to do the cremation. That happened in the early 20th century.


Master CVV and his wife Venkamma

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