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An Amazing Place to Visit Providence Island Colombia

By Romina Paoliza @lauratravel


Providencia island is located in Colombia but it could be in the Caribbean

The only factor the isle of Providencia does quick is slowly you down.
In this small colombian corner of the carribbean there are no wide hotels, no elegant dining places and definitely nothing that appears like the primped artifice of mass-packaged high-class.

But what there is here is a type of circulation (a way of being) that is so easily without pressure it is difficult not to get captured in its melange.

To remain in Providencia is to be accepted by its group.
But the Providencie isle itself is something of an enigma.
It is aspect of Colombia but can be found almost 500 kilometers northern of the landmass and is much nearer to Nicaragua.

The islanders here talk english more than spanish, and staunchly keep on to a lifestyle that is far nearer to its Carribbean neighbors than any Latin American political allegiance would recommend.

It is also unidentified to much of the vacation world.
Despite a few professional divers saying stars about the high quality of the ocean, the Providencia island embraces a typical of only 15,000 guests a year a simple portion of those obtained by its southerly neighbor, San Andres isle.

This comparative solitude assisted by the truth it requires two flight tickets and 50 percent a day from Bogotá in Colombia to get here has remaining Providencia’s lifestyle mostly the same since British Puritans resolved here in 1630.

providencia island

It is one of the last bastions of a truly Carribbean isle way of life.
In the northern of the Providencie isle the first ripples of modify have started. In the town of Maracaibo, a high-class store resort, Strong Red, has just started out.
It´s set into a hillside and functions just 14 bedrooms and a roof infinity share with continuous opinions across the sea nationwide recreation area.
It’s all very beautifully done, but I couldn’t help thinking if its existence (despite being a renovation of an current framework) showed a simple swerve in Providencia’s long-term perspective.

providencia island colombia

Another interesting thing is the legend of the famous Welsh pirate Henry Morgan.
It is said that the pirate with his parrot Paco buried in Providence Island treasure stolen from Panama in 1671.
It is believed that Morgan used the island as a base to plunder the rich Spanish galleons. Even today it is believed that his treasure is still on the island. But where?

How to go there

First, you have to achieve the nearby isle of San Andres. This is available from Bogotá, Cartagena, and Medellín in Colombia, and Little Town. None of these places is provided immediate from the UK, and the regular relationship factors are The city or Las vegas. From each city, the primary owner to San Andres is Avianca

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