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AMY’S STYLE: I Have a Very Varied Style! One Day I’ll Be in The...

By Fashionalaamy @amsmcdonald
AMY’S STYLE: I have a very varied style! One day I’ll be in the...

AMY’S STYLE: I have a very varied style! One day I’ll be in the mood for skinny jeans, a leather jacket and biker boots, and the next I’ll be in a skater dress with Chelsea boots. I do like to toughen looks up a bit as I’m not the girliest of girls, so if I am wearing a dress, I’ll try to add a bit of an edge in there somewhere.

INSPIRATION: The 70s, 80s and 90s. Streetstyle, vintage photographs. I take inspiration from everything! If I see something I like I try to imagine how I’ll put my own spin on it.

WHAT IS ONE THING YOU’D LIKE TO SEE CHANGE IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY? The fashion industry has been working on breaking down boundaries over the past couple of years and I’d like to see that continue. Fashion should be about individuality and not about conformity, and I’d like to see that mentality be more openly embraced. Websites such as are great as mediums to promote individual fashion and hopefully such mediums will go from strength to strength.

STYLE CRUSH: So many! At the moment I love Mika Francis, she’s a blogger ( and is only young but has such an incredible taste and style!

SPRING AWAKENING: I’m not a huge trend follower, and in the UK at the moment it is IMPOSSIBLE to dress for Spring as today I’ve already witnessed thunder storms, torrential rain AND hailstones! So my main aim for spring is versatility! The weather is so crazy that what you put on in the morning when it’s cold and wet will also be adaptable when it hits lunchtime and the sun decides to come out! My main spring items are a pair of vintage shoe boots and a vintage driver jacket.

SUMMER LOVIN: This is going to be a crazy summer for me. I’m graduating university in July and also starting a new job as a Fashion Merchandiser with which I’ll be moving to Germany in August! I will be going to Munich to see some friends for a week when I finish my exams and I’ll also be going to Southside Festival in Bavaria which I’m really excited for! My main looks for this summer will be chilled-out festival vibes so lots of vintage Levi’s shorts, oversized shirts and vests, chunky-sole plimsolls, and RayBans. 

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