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Amsterdam’s Gets Own Night of the Living Dead

By Amsterdam City Tours

Amsterdam’s gets own night of the living dead

Prepare yourself for an invasion of the undead! This Saturday 8 October is the third official celebration of World Zombie Day. The flesh eating fiends will be hitting the streets in cities across the globe -Amsterdam included.

Groups of hundreds plan to take their best renditions of George Romero’s iconic 1968 film Night of the Living Dead to the streets in “Zombie Walks.”

Last year, the lifeless creatures swarmed the streets ofArnhem, but this year they have their sights – and appetites – set for the capital.

Amsterdam’s gets own night of the living dead

Limping and gnawing their way through the city, unknowing residents will be inundated with fake blood, yellow eyes and hungry calls for “brains.”

In the lead-up to Halloween, World Zombie Day is a great way to get the creative costume juices flowing. But it’s not all about the hunger for human flesh.

While World Zombie Day is also a day for people to join together in an international effort to alleviate world hunger. In fact, all participating living dead are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item donations for local food banks.

Although drawing attention to world hunger is the main goal of the World Zombie Day association, gathering food donations is not the only fundraising effort of the undead participants.

For example, zombies in Dallas,Texas will be stumbling their way to local blood banks in the hopes of boosting donation efforts – and keeping villainous vampires at bay.

All of the 50 cities involved in World Zombie Day are focused on having fun and raising awareness. But they are also out to break last year’s record for most zombies, set by Brisbane, Australia with 5,000 living dead.

In Amsterdam, and elsewhere abroad, World Zombie Day may be the first time the world begins to welcome the efforts of the undead!

Amsterdam’s gets own night of the living dead

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