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America's Largest Welfare Recipients: $153.8 Billion/Yr for Our 1% Creators!

Posted on the 15 April 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
In light of today's Income Disparity, it's only right that another Federal Holiday should be established. April 15th! The greatest day of the year...if you're wealthy! A National Holiday for Corporations and anyone above the 99% of the wealth in America!! They are the greatest shining example of Reaganomics, that Money does Trickle Down...from one wealthy family to another! but always keep it in the 1%, naturally!  They 'do' trickle down to the public, though...just before they zipper-up their pants!
If legally being considered a "Citizen"...a legal person...isn't enough for Big Money to find ways of controlling governments? Why not find more legal ways of royally screwing the population, right up the ass? We, the People, elected all this scum that patronize Oligarchy. Why would people be complaining now, when all we had to do was not elect that slime in the first place? Probably some ignorance is involved in the equation, but more like a sort of mental political apathy. Sometimes, people just give up! watching what's happening in America, the dysfunctionally abnormal Social tensions...and the power of the almighty dollar in an age of a transparent Internet. Corporations literally waging war against a populace...and doing it, completely out in the open!
We, the Taxpayers [known as, from this moment on], "We, the Sucka" subsidize Corporate Profits at a tune of $153.8 Billion annually!! And we're doing it, due to the Low Wages they created for us! ...while Republicans oppose raising the Minimum Wage, some even want Minimum Wage abolished! Back to sweat shops and child labor abuse...just like in China, where Mitt's factory is, and where the kids and moms live and eat while they work.  Low wages that 'keeps' you in Welfare and Family Assistance.
I worked welfare for a couple of years in Ocala and Belleview, Fl. There's a saying among Social Workers; "Welfare is like the Hotel can always check out, but you can never leave"! Is the system!...its basic object; to make your client self-sufficient so welfare assistance wouldn't be needed. But budgets and burocracy never allows that opportunity for everyone...sometimes you just have to be lucky to escape the system!
The influence of the Corporate World on State Welfare, and Public Assistance throughout the country, the influence in Judicial Cronyism, and the influence in Washington Lobby's all about Corporate and Upper Class Welfare!
"The Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act Of 2015" prevent corporations from sheltering profits in off-shore tax havens, like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. And to stop rewarding companies that ship jobs and factories overseas with tax breaks. Will it pass?? A big HELL NO!! will be the answer from the Owners of the Republican Party...the David and Charlie Show !!
Outrageous!!  The cynically arrogant hypocrisy of Corporations and the Filthy Rich. The Federal Government spends $127.8 billion per year, and the states collectively spend $26 Billion per year on Assistance Programs for Working Families. $153.8 Billion dollars! The self-proclaimed "Creators" are the biggest single Welfare Recipient group in the United States!! Paid in full by the Moochers!!
New Report: Taxpayers Subsidize $153.8 Billion In Corporate Profits Due To Low Wages

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