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AMAZING: The Easiest Ways To Get FREE Targeted Blog Traffic!

Posted on the 07 February 2014 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

Most blogs and especially new bloggers crave for traffic, this is because incoming traffic to a blog is like a lifeline. Without traffic then a blog will be lonely and cold. The articles that are published on that blog might only get a few readers and that’s just about it.

If you want to make money from your blog as well then traffic is essential for this to happen. A lot of bloggers find it very hard to get traffic to their blog. But the truth is, getting traffic to your blog is very easy.

Want to know how I drive traffic to this blog? No problem, here are my 3 major ways of driving traffic to my blog and I am sure these methods will work for you as well.


From Other Sites In Your Niche


When getting targeted traffic to your blog other sites in your niche can make it easy on your part. These 3 tips will help you to get traffic from other sites in your niche.

1. Blog Commenting

Making blog comments on blogs in your niche is very easy to do. Why? This is because your blog and this blog that you are going to comment on share the same niche, so no doubt the articles on that blog will be of some interest to you.

When you have read an article and gain some knowledge then more than likely you won’t leave that blog without commenting.

When leaving a comment on a blog we know that we have to fill out the necessary fields in the comment section, such as your name, email address and most importantly your blog URL/link. Providing a link back to your blog while commenting is the only way your link will be made available after making a comment so that others can click on it to visit your blog. So it is very important to always insert your blog link.

Also when leaving a blog comment be sure to leave a detailed comment which shows that you have read the blog post and understand the information inside the article. You can also add a few points where necessary, this would give the other readers more reason to check out your blog.

2. Guest Posting

Another great way to get free targeted traffic to your blog is by participating is guest posting.

Guest posting is a term used when a blogger goes to another blog to write an article for that blog.

In order to benefit from your guest post is to write high quality guest posts. Even though this isn’t your blog and you may want to keep all the high quality posts for your blog it wouldn’t be wise for you to submit crappy posts.

For one thing the blog owner might not publish it. Even if it gets published then the readers will realize that your post isn’t good enough for them to visit your blog.

Writing high quality guest posts and leaving a link or two back to your blog will do the trick into getting free targeted traffic, especially if that blog is in your niche.

3. Forum Posting

Forum posting is also another free means of getting traffic. This is because tons of people are normally found on forums taking part in discussions on a particular topic or subject.

The only way that you can get traffic to your blog from forums is if you jump in the discussions as well. Most of the time the forum members are looking for answers to their questions or solutions to their problems. If you are a member of the forum that is very helpful then your blog traffic can only get higher with your participation in the forum.

Most forums allows you to add your site link in your signature, so members of the forum can get to check your site out and find out more about you.

So each time that you make a forum post your link will be shown below the reply or post that you have made. Be sure to use catchy headlines so that you can have a high percentage of people clicking on your link.

Be sure not to spam forums and only leave links on posts where applicable.

Traffic From Social Sites


Social media and social networking sites are always loaded with people online. This can result in tons of traffic to your blog. Here are some great tips on how you can get traffic to your blog from social media and networking sites.

1. Getting Traffic From Facebook

Millions of people use Facebook and are often online most of the time. This is because Facebook can be used from many different devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In order to get traffic from Facebook to your blog then you can share links on your profile and then your friends can visit your blog through the link that you have shared.

One of my most effective way of getting traffic from Facebook to my blog is to join groups which are related to my blog niche. Normally hundreds or even thousands of people are in one Facebook group at one time. So imagine if you share your blog post link in these groups, this can result in lots of traffic for you.

You can also create a Facebook fan page for your blog. This way the blog visitors who are truly interested in your blog can easily become a fan by liking your page. You can share new blog post links with them on the page and this too results in traffic back to your blog.

2. Blog Traffic From Twitter

Twitter is another great social media site where you can get tons of traffic to your blog. Not just any traffic but targeted traffic which can make your blog successful.

Twitter allows you to broadcast messages to people who follow you in the form like a short text message. You get only 160 characters to get your message across to your followers. So this is why it is important to use eye-catching headlines when writing blog posts.

You can also join sites like where you can get tons of retweets on your blog post. This site is a tool in which you can use to get retweets. Many bloggers use this site and once you get tons of bloggers to retweet your link then this can result in tons of targeted traffic to your blog.

Never underestimate Twitter, it can help to get tons of traffic to your blog causing it to go viral.

3. Other Social Networks

There are tons of other social networks that you can join to get more exposure for your blog post.

Why should you join these sites?

Well for one thing a lot of bloggers are normally on these type of site. Once you start submitting posts and remember to use eye-catching headlines then you can benefit greatly by receiving lots of traffic to your blog.

  • is one of the sites that I love to use to get traffic to this blog. Lots of people use this blog to search for articles of interest to them and to also submit their articles as well.
  • is a new upcoming social network site for bloggers that can get you tons of traffic. Tons of bloggers use this site and you are guaranteed to get a comment once you submit your article.
  • has been around for many years and if you are not a member of this wonderful blogging community then you are losing out a lot on blog traffic.

All these three social network sites mentioned above are all great for driving traffic to your blog. Once you become a member try your best as possible to remain active and also create an avenue for communication with other members. This way you can get votes on your articles when submitted.

Optimize For Search Engine Traffic


Search engines can deliver the best free targeted traffic ever. Many bloggers have been having success getting traffic from search engines and other bloggers say that they make more money from their blog from traffic that comes from search engines.

Here are some amazing tips on how you can optimize your blog for search engine traffic.

1. Use Keywords In Article

When people use Google to find what they are looking for they normally type in the search box and hit enter or click search. Whatever is typed into the search box can be classed as keywords. Whether it’s a phrase, single word or a few words then keyword is the description given to these.

While writing blog posts then it is very important to use keywords which goes hand-in-hand with your article or which can be used to describe your article.

Why use keywords in your article? This is because search engines crawls your blog post and knows what keywords you are using to describe your blog. So when a person searches for that keyword then there is a chance of your article showing up in the search results.

Using keywords in the meta tags is a must because search engines pay keen attention to this part of the blog article. Also use the keyword or keywords in the title of the post and also in the blog post link. Keywords should also be used in sub-headings of the blog in the H tags.

Sprinkle keywords every now and then in your blog article while writing, but be cautious not to over do it because search engines can penalize your blog for trying to spam the article with keywords.

2. Submit Sitemap To Search Engines

A sitemap is a list containing all the post and pages that are on your blog. Each time you publish a new post then the sitemap is automatically updated.

When you submit your sitemap to search engines, such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, each page on your blog will be indexed by the search engine. So anytime you publish a new post the search engine will get pinged to crawl your blog so that it can index your newly published article.

To create a sitemap for your WordPress blog you can use this plugin called Google XML Sitemaps to do so.

So that is why it is important to submit your sitemap to search engines.

3. Interlink With Other Blog Posts

Another great way to optimize your blog for great search engine results so that you can get free targeted traffic is to link to articles that you have already written.

Why is this important?

It is a great form of link building. This is because you are linking back to your very own article on your blog. Linking back to your article helps search engine to crawl those pages as well.

Not only is it beneficial for SEO purposes but it helps to keep blog visitors on your site a bit longer.

You notice what I did there in the previous sentence? Yes I linked one of my article to to the words, “keep blog visitors on your site a bit longer” because I have an article which gives tips on how to keep your blog visitors on your blog, so linking to that post would help to build up targeted traffic for my blog.

Interlinking helps to lower bounce rates. This is because it helps to keep your blog readers moving from post to post after reading. So don’t be afraid to link your blog posts it will work out great for you, just don’t over do it.

 In Conclusion

1. In order to get traffic from other sites in your niche, guest posting, blog commenting and forum posting are great ways to do so. Be sure to do it on a regular basis. You can’t expect to make one comment and get tons of traffic, you have to be a regular contributor and then you will benefit greatly.

2. Getting traffic from social media or networking sites as well require that you be active. You have to make whatever you are sharing very appealing so that you can get people to notice your shared link and click through to visit your blog.

3. Good search engine optimization for your blog and it’s articles can bring you massive traffic. Get plugins for your WordPress blog to help make optimization easier for you. Search engine traffic is very targeted so always do proper optimization for each article.

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