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Amanda Knox – Tragedy, Murder, Sadness and Joy. The Astrology of “Foxy Knoxy” and Her Traumatic Time in Italy.

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

amanda knox

I’ve been holding back a bit on doing this post, maybe just because there has been so much speculation around about Amanda and the case of the Meredith Kercher murder. This time I have been trying to do some detective work of my own in trying to ascertain whether Amanda actually did commit or helped to commit the crime. We now know that she was acquitted due to the uncertainty in the forensic evidence linking her to the event. By looking at Amanda’s birth chart and the approximate time when Meredith was killed (after reading up I came to the conclusion that 10pm was close to the time of death), I myself have come to a conclusion after noting a most remarkable set of astrological circumstances…

AmandaKnox natal

Amanda Knox was born on 9th July 1987 in Seattle, Washington at 02.47 am. Her Sun sits in the 2nd house of personal possessions and self worth in Cancer, along with Venus and Mercury, her Moon in enterprising Sagittarius and she has a Gemini Ascendant.  Cancerians are very family driven and security conscious, and Amanda’s energy will be used to protect herself and those she loves, however the Sagittarian Moon makes her need to expand her horizons and to have her opinions respected. Immediately on the Sun Moon combination, we have to question the motives of Amanda. We know with a Sagittarian Moon that going off to study in an foreign country, to expand one’s knowledge is a natural thing to do. The fact that it was language study is reflected by the Gemini Ascendant and it’s propensity to communicate.

But what of this Cancer Sun, with Venus and Mercury also in Cancer opposite Neptune. If anything this is a very gentle sentimental combination, idealistic, loving beauty, art, culture and music possibly. Yes Mercury opposite Neptune is liable to deceive, but there is no aggressive intent here. We do have the possibility of being over optimistic in love, a bit blinded by the whole idea, and with the Moon in the 7th house of partnerships in Sagittarius conjunct Uranus, we can safely say that Amanda would have been very keen to be in a relationship. Indeed unusual (Uranus) foreign (Sagittarius) men she would have found irresistible. There is a downside to this 7th house as Saturn is also found here. Saturn always shows fear and difficulty, and through her relationships, Amanda will have tough moments in her life. So it was to prove. That Saturn has a personal effect on her as it is opposite her Gemini Ascendant and makes an irritating and rather tricky inconjunct to her Sun. Any Saturn transit she will feel with almost double effect. In what area of her life would it particularly hit her? Capricorn, Saturn’s sign is on the 8th house of change and death and the 9th house of travel and higher education.

What else of the chart? Well we have we have a rather blunt and outspoken Mars in Leo in the  communicative third house square to both Pluto and Jupiter and opposite the Midheaven. Amanda does have a bit of an ego problem, an over confidence that could land her in hot water. Jupiter in Aries is very confident, possibly overly so. In the 12th house, that over confidence can lead to suffering. This is the house of institutions, including prisons. Mars Jupiter does tend to take risks and Mars Pluto is hugely determined and rather forceful. This aspect does indicate intensely passionate transformational relationships. This square is complemented by a Pluto Venus Mercury trine. More accent on relationships of a deep and dark nature. Also interestingly a link to communication of them through Mercury, through her memoires or serialisation. Me thinks she will make hay out of newspaper and book deals. Combined with a Mars Midheaven opposition we have a t-square which suggests that actions around the intense liaisons could be what she is publically known for and the actions around them, and with Pluto at the point of the t-square, the focus would be be very Plutonic in nature, accenting change, death, confinement, transformation. Finally Pluto is also at the point of a wedge, including that Venus Mercury trine and a sextile to Neptune. Neptune here brings uncertainty, a cloud of confusion in communication or in her case accusations, the dream of passionate union, of sexual bliss.

Put it all together. I see a girl who fascinated by foreign men and relationships who got herself into a difficult situation being near to or at the scene of a brutal murder. Her confidence, demeanour and rather outspoken manner (there are no air signs & so she overstates her responses to situations) rather upset the emotional Italian media and authorities, and on the word of the one person confirmed at the scene (Rudy Guede) that he was not alone, Amanda found herself accused and convicted of the murder of her friend and housemate, until the recent acquittal.

Now was the final outcome correct, and what do the transiting planets show? I studied all the information from the case and I estimated that any murder would have been committed between 9pm & 11pm, Knox was confirmed using her phone as late as 20.35 to her employer at a local bar, confirming that she was not needed to work that evening. I know that the timeframe was extended through until 4am the next day at court, however a later autopsy confirmed that Meredith could not have been murdered later than 10pm. I therefore take 10pm as a “probable time”.

Below we see a relationship chart between the proposed time of the murder (10pm) and Amanda Knox’s natal chart. Ok, a few things to pick out. The transiting Moon at 10.00pm was to the minute on Amanda’s nadir, opposite her Midheaven and square to her natal Pluto. Transiting Uranus is square to natal Saturn, and transiting Venus was square to Amanda’s Uranus Moon conjunction. If Amanda was to commit a violent act as the Italian police supposed, then surely transiting Mars or her own natal Mars would be making a conjunction or opposition aspect to say Uranus, Saturn or Pluto? There is nothing here to suggest that Amanda was doing such a thing. The only possible links on this transit chart to a woman being hurt were possibly the square between the Moon and Pluto showing the death (Pluto) of a woman (Moon) and the Saturn/Uranus square which could suggest a shocking event (Uranus) to a friend (Uranus in 11th) that had a difficult outcome (Saturn). The Venus/Moon Uranus square simply showed that Amanda had met an unusual man (Raffaele Sollecito) that week, indeed the 5th and 7th houses are being highlighted showing this was an love affair which was quickly turning into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship. So if Amanda showed no violence on her transit chart, how on earth did she get so involved in the incident? It was her destiny to do so…

AmandaKnox transits 1 nov

To solve this riddle, I had to look much much deeper into Amanda’s chart, concentrating on the midpoints. Midpoints are exactly what they say on the tin, the middle point between two planets, the point where the energies of the planets on the natal chart are combined. Many eminent Astrologers have looked at midpoints, however the first one to concentrate on them fully was a German Astrologer, Reinhold Ebertin. His seminal work, “The Combination of Stellar Influences” written in 1940 is still a wonderful textbook on midpoints, probably still unsurpassed in the level of detail it contains.

There is one other aspect on Amanda’s chart that I have yet to expand on before I look at the midpoints. It is very difficult to spot, but sheds a lot of light on why things happened as they did. There is a natal Yod hiding away within Amanda’s chart. The Yod is known as the finger of God, a turning point in the life when the point of the Yod is activated. This Yod has at it’s base Amanda’s Ascendant sextile to her North Node, her destiny point, and at the point of the Yod is natal Pluto. Pluto at the point of a Yod is very transformational and powerful. All the plutonic energies are concentrated onto this spot, death, change, confinement, sex, big money, power, jealousy… you get the idea? Pluto is in Amanda’s 6th house, so her daily routine would be completely transformed when Pluto was lit up by aspect.

Moving onto the midpoints of the evening of the murder – have a look below. I have put the transiting midpoints on the inside and Amanda’s natal midpoints on the outside. Remarkably at 10.00pm the transiting Mars/Saturn midpoint was exactly conjunct the transiting Moon which was as I said square to Amanda’s Pluto, lighting up the natal Yod. Ebertin says the Mars/Saturn midpoint combined with Pluto shows brutality, the rage or fury of destruction, bodily injury or harm and this point is associated with death and murder. He goes on to say that this midpoint when combined with the Moon can show the death of a woman. Notice where they are, on the cusp of the 4th house, the house of Amanda’s home. This is where the murder took place.  Looking at other pertinent placings that night, we see the transiting South Node and Saturn, a nasty unfortunate combination making a virtual Yod between Amanda’s Midheaven and North Node hitting her own Venus/Pluto midpoint. Here is the inference of sexual deviancy (Venus/Pluto) by the authorities (Saturn) causing her problems (South Node). She may well under this influence have been very much infatuated at the time with her new boyfriend, and the Italian prosecutors used this as part of their case against her.

AmandaKnox mids asp 1

I move on. That night, we also find the Mars/Pluto midpoint sitting exactly on Amanda’s South Node. Ebertin notes that Mars/Pluto represents superhuman force and brutality, aggression and excessive effort. Is this Amanda showing brutality towards somebody? Look where the South Node actually is, it sits in the 5th house. Again, I personally see no aggressive intent here, maybe a very active, and rather wild love life at this time, but the midpoint is not connecting to any planet by conjunction or opposition. The more troubling things on the chart are the natal midpoints grouped around the South Node.

The South Node is a troubling point on anyone’s chart, it shows where you as a person gravitate back to in times of need, the behavior you instinctively know. Some say that it shows where you have come from in your previous life. The South Node in the 5th shows that Amanda will contented when she is showing love to someone, in an affair, dealing with children, taking risks. These are her old inbuilt habits, things she has to grow out of, so that she can progress and achieve all her aims in this life, shown by the North Node.

The South Node is also a point of detriment in a chart, somewhere that can cause you trouble. Any planets or sensitive points connected to the South Node are elements that she will have to deal with, things over which you will have little or no control. Here at Amanda’s South Node we find Mars/Saturn, as explained earlier associated with death. The Sun/Moon midpoint sits here too, an unfortunate place showing that her life would at some point be associated with grave misfortune. We have Mercury/Neptune which shows confused communication, faulty judgement, confused ideas and perceptions, insecurity, fantasy and visions. Finally we find the Sun/Uranus midpoint here, showing obstinacy, having to deal with sudden setbacks in life, having upsetting experiences, accidents and sudden adjustments to new conditions, including according to Ebertin imprisonment. Just in this one South Node placement, we see the whole ramifications of the Meredith Kercher event mapped out, don’t we?

Looking at the progressions and Solar Arc charts, on 1st Nov 2007, Amanda’s progressed and Solar Arc Sun were one degree short (one year) from being exactly square to natal Pluto and that fateful Yod, showing her being confined in prison and her whole daily routine completely upset and transformed. We all know that the trial took one year, and during that time Amanda was locked away in an Italian jail, and she was not released until the transiting Sun had fully passed through the square with Pluto. The Sun rules her 4th house of home, showing an enforced change in her place of residence during that time. By the way, for those of a technical nature, I look generally at an orb of 2 to 2 and a half degrees on progressed planets.

I still haven’t fully answered the burning question. Do the planets say that she was involved? My conclusion is no, she wasn’t. The main reason is the fact that the Moon and Mars/Saturn conjunction operating that evening was SQUARE to Amanda’s natal Pluto. A square by it’s very nature shows an event that happens that you have to deal with, it is not an event or action that you do. There have to be outside forces involved and you deal with the consequences. The South Node backs this up fully. I think the South Node shows a picture of rather difficult events that will you will have to deal with in your life, your destiny to cope with. Maybe this is as a result of actions that you did in a previous life, and now you have debts to pay in this one? Amanda was caught up in the middle of this event by fate, she got embroiled in the whole messy situation. Fair play to her for standing her ground and fighting for her freedom. I am pleased for her that the truth came out in the end.

As a side note to the whole South Node issue, I looked at Meredith Kercher’s chart, and made a rather shocking discovery.

MeredithKercher natal

Clamped either side of her South Node at 7 Scorpio was Scorpio’s ruler Pluto and the planet which used to rule Scorpio before Pluto was discovered, Mars. This triple conjunction would have been conjunct Amanda’s natal Pluto at the point of her Yod connecting her into the whole situation, square to the transiting Moon and Mars/Saturn midpoint at 8 Leo. Unfortunately, what she had to deal with through that afflicted South Node was a savage and brutal killer (Mars/Pluto).

Want to know what difficulties you will have to deal with in your life? Look to your South Node and the planets tenanted there and then you will see. 

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