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Am I a Bad Parent for Putting My Children {Grandchild} in Stained Vests?

By Thindes78
Okay,  I admit it, white is not the best colour to buy baby vests in the first place, but they are cheaper, and they do the same job as any other colourful vest. Unfortunately white does attract dirt and will get stained, and even after soaking them in vanish, some stains just don't budge -  does this mean I should throw them out? Am I wrong to still carry on using them? i.e. putting Summer in a 'stained' vest *Shock Horror*  - sorry for the sarcasm. Who is going to see the vest with a couple of small stains on it anyhow? no one,  the vest is worn under a dress, or t-shirt! Does this make me a bad parent? 

So to my dismay, and then later on amusement, Summer's parents during their weekly visit to see Summer, complained to other 'important people' that "I had put her in a dirty vest" - they elaborately used the word 'dirty', and not the correct word 'stained' - big difference - but it was most definitely not 'dirty' as it was clean out of the wash, but it was stained.

If you are wondering what types of stains? Well it is just your normal food and drink stains that toddles get on their vests. So I say, what is the problem? because I don't see one.

And, I do not feel bad for putting her in a stained vest - is that wrong, should I? 

Please note I clean the vests after each time they have been worn, and this is only about stained vests, I would never put my children/grandchild in stained clothing like tops and trousers, and I most definitely would never put any of them in dirty clothes.

I am looking forward to your comments on this one. 

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