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Alt Left: Feminism Is Simply the Weaponization and Politicization of Female Psychology

Posted on the 02 January 2019 by Calvinthedog

Indeed, feminism is simply female psychology weaponized and politicized. That’s never a good idea. You don’t base law on the petty irrationalities of one gender or the other.

It follows that any ideology that weaponizes and politicizes men’s psychology and incorporates it into law isn’t going to be ok either. What do you think 12,000 years or patriarchy keeping women down was all about?

Patriarchal rule was the weaponization, politicization and codification under law of male psychology, which is about as nutty, inadequate and downright immoral as female psychology. Actually it is probably even worse because male psychology necessarily incorporates a lot of aggression and violence, so when you put men’s psychology into the form of law and allow it to rule the land, you have not only an oppressive patriarchy but you also tend to have a pretty violent society.

Neither male nor female psychology should be weaponized, politicized, and codified into law.

The law has to be above all of that, on a higher plane so to speak, like the difference between divine love and profane love (check out Plato on this). In this case, law should be based on the higher order of divine thinking as opposed to earthly profane thinking which is where the codification of the psychology of a gender would be.

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