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Already Given up on SAFC Promotion? Have Your Say in Our Poll

By Colin Randall @salutsunderland
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Even before the lamentable SAFC club statement on the bleak farce of the supposed attempts to sign a manager, Pete Sixsmith had – with customary eloquence and gallows humor – captured the miserable state of affairs with his piece entitled “The comic opera that is SAFC just now“.

Then came the extraordinary statement announcing that Ellis Short’s business affairs, specifically his desire to sell the club, were holding up an appointment.

“Thanks for utterly wasting my time,” Derek McInnes must have been thinking.

So now, as this incredible and troubling saga drags on, the questions beg itself: since the current masters clearly care little or insufficiently about the immediate future of the club, beyond how it affects them personally, what are we, the fans, meant to make of it?

Here’s your chance to say what you feel.

Remember that every other Championship side, our rivals for promotion (or avoidance of another relegation), has a manager in place.

Many have begun serious player recruitment. Beyond selling Jordan Pickford, clearing the way for Jermain Defore to leave on free (an arrangement that beggared belief in itself) and trying to flog off Lamine Kone and maybe a couple of promising youngsters, we have done nothing. Except dither. As if it really shouldn’t matter to some of the world’s most loyal and passionate fans what becomes of their club.

Or do Short and his chief executive Martin Bain simply believe they know best?

Jake's generic Salut gif

All graphics courtesy of Jake

Amid so many disappointments in more than half a century of supporting Sunderland, I feel as much anger just now as at almost any time in the past. Salut! Sunderland bends over backwards to be fair, to acknowledge realities and practicalities, but the present situation is quite simply monstrous unless resolved within days.

The question you see above is longer than the suggested answers but you can, as usual, compose your own response to it. (Update: the “others” already posted are “they are taking us down to League 1” and “replace the whole group managing the club. Bring in enthusiastic people” – we will add others in due course).

Comments may be posted below and if there is a healthy postbag, we’ll award a prize.

Already given up on SAFC promotion? Have your say in our poll

M Salut, drawn by Matt, colouring by Jake

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