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Aloo Pakoda Recipe, Aloo Bajji, Potato Pakoda

By Anjana Chaturvedi @maayeka

Aloo Pakoda- Crisp delicious deep fried Potato fritters.

Aloo Pakoda is a very popular snack In India. These delicious aloo pakoda are also a popular street food .They are sold on small and big stalls, shops and restaurants along with so many varieties of pakoda's.

These pakoda are easy to make with just few ingredients available at home. We all crave for these aloo pakoda's during winter and monsoon. It is also an easy perfect snack for your evening tea. You can also pack these in your lunch boxes or serve as a side dish with your simple meal. In my Home town Pakoda's are also served with simple khichdi kadhi meal.

How To Make Aloo Pakoda

Pakoda's are every one favourite and we all have our favorite pakoda's. Some like chili pakoda some prefer Brinjal pakoda and some only want gobhi pakoda's and My personal favourite are banana and chili pakoda.

What ever pakoda you want to make, the batter for coating remains the same. Gram flour/ besan is mixed with some spices and then made into a medium thick batter. Rice flour is added for extra crispness. The chopped or sliced POTATO or any vegetable of your choice are dipped in the batter and deep fried on medium heat till golden and crisp.

Ingredients Needed to make Aloo Pakoda

The ingredients needed to make aloo pakoda's are very basic. They all are easily available in your kitchen.

For making batter gramflour/ besan is needed. Some rice flour or corn flour can be added for extra crispness.

Spices we need are again very basic- Salt,chili flakes ,turmeric, cumin, carom seeds, Asafoetida, green chilies,fresh coriander,grated ginger are needed.

Tips to Make Best Aloo Pakoda's

For making Aloo pakoda try to choose medium size potatoes. Peeling the potato is optional.Then slice the potato into thin slices ,as thick slices will not give good results. The thick slices may remain raw from inside and the pakoda's will not become crisp.

For making the batter- Mix gram flour, rice flour and the spices and then add water.the batter should be of coating consistency ,not too thick or too watery. After adding water whisk it well to make it airy . If the batter is whisked properly then only your pakoda will be become fluffier. You can also add 1 tsp of hot oil in the batter to make pakoda more crispier.

No need to add soda in the batter because then it will absorb more oil.

Fry the pakoda's on medium heat to make them crisp . Don't fry on high heat else they remain raw from inside.

What to Serve Aloo Pakoda with

You can serve Aloo Pakoda's with Tangy Mint coriander chutney, Tamarind chutney or with Tomato Ketchup. A hot cup of masala chai or coffee is also needed to enjoy with crisp aloo pakoda's.

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Aloo Pakoda Recipe, Aloo Bajji, Potato Pakoda
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Aloo Pakoda, Aloo Bajji

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