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Almost HALF of U.S. Households Have at Least One Gun, New Poll Reveals – with a Sharp Increase in Weapon Ownership Over Last 2 Years

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Shannon Watts hardest hit.

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From Daily Mail: The number of gun-owning households in the United States appears to be on the rise.   At least 44 percent of American homes now have guns compared to 51 percent without, according to research released Friday by the Pew Research Center.

The new study indicates a sharp change in gun trends in America, as other polls had shown ownership was declining in past years.

The numbers indicated a decline of nearly 19 percentage points since the peak gun ownership average of 51.2 percent between 1976 and 1982, the NORC survey showed. That research pointed out that the previously downward trend seemed to be related to the decrease in the popularity of hunting.

The latest Pew research, conducted among 2,010 adults, shows broad support among Democrats and Republicans to subjecting private gun and sales at gun shows to background checks.

Some 90 percent of Hillary Clinton supporters are for the more stringent checks alongside 75% of Donald Trump backers.

For assault-style weapons, 74 percent of Clinton backers favor a ban, compared to 34 percent of Trump supporters.

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Numbers are similar for a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips: 75% of Clinton supporters are in favor of it, compared to 34% of Trump voters.



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