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All You Need To Know About Vegetarian HCG Diet Plan, Protocol, Foods And Recipes

By Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop

Look Fit Than Fat

'Don't you seem a bit too healthy? Exercise helps man'- if you call these as taunts, yes they are! Such free advises are always shredded on fat souls who tend to live a beautiful life despite being fat. By harping continuously, one might compel the overweight person to lose weight; but what is the guarantee they don't eat more and pile up even more?

The eagerness to lose weight is there in every obese person. No matter whether one eats vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, the extra calories that one consumes go directly under the skin turning them into fat. While vegan food is generally enriched with vitamins, minerals, fibers etc. carbohydrates form the major portion of the diet plan and this could give plenty of room for overweight. So, how do vegetarians get to lose weight? Do they simply slog in the gym and burn all the extra carbohydrates? Or is there a smart solution? Yes! The HCG diet plan which is strict at the same time easy to follow has a vegan version that helps orthodox vegetarians to lose weight and look elegant. Here is a quick insight into the vegetarian diet plan, its protocols, and some cool recipes.

The Vegan HCG Diet

So, what is this all new hype about HCG diet? Going back in time, this diet plan was introduced by Dr.Simeons that comprises of 45 days of dieting in a format like never before. Divided into phases, this diet has proven to be a successful weight loss mantra for many. Going further, the HCG diet has been altered to suit strict vegetarians and this is known as the vegan HCG diet that includes dairy products as an exception. This diet should balance for the animal protein in terms of vegetable proteins by including plenty of legumes and lentils in the diet. The carbohydrates and nuts are a strict no but slight cheating can be done in terms of sugar-free or in other words artificial sugar. There are other restrictions such as use, of less amount of spices and that too in the natural form. Using these ingredients, let's see how a vegetarian HCG nutrition chart is prepared.

The Nutrition Chart or Diet Plan

A nutritionist always worries about the balanced meal that one eats to stay fit. With vegetarian HCG diet plan where one is allowed to eat 500 calories per day and that too under no animal protein clause, the diet chart is indeed very strict and strenuous. For example, during the preparatory phase, one can drink beverages like green tea or black coffee with no sweetening agent. The lunch can comprise of soya meal maker or soya patty along with some cottage cheese and plenty of soy milk. In addition to the patty, one can have a bowl of seasoned salads which can be raw, cooked or par-boiled. It is a good rule to eat one vegetable at a time and not mix them all together. A fruit like an apple can be the early evening snack. And for dinner, one can reuse the lunch menu. The preparatory phase also allows a cheat in the form of frequent coffee.

Important rules and protocols

While following the vegetarian HCG diet, there are some important rules that one has to adhere to in order to achieve the best results. Here are the vital rules listed below:

  • Regular walking at least for 1 hour to maintain the body metabolism
  • Stand under the sun for some time to improve vitamin D
  • 20 minute of sweating in sauna on a regular basis
  • Making less use of oil in cooking to accelerate the process
  • No use of cold beverages along with food
  • No physical exertion or mental stress as that can hamper the effect

Keeping these rules in mind, here are some simple vegetarian recipes that help to keep diet interesting and happening.

Common Vegetarian HCG Recipes

The HCG diet recipes are always simple like a flavored tea plus Melba toast and a bowl of salad. After all, it is about eating just 500 calories per day. But in case, of pure vegetarian HCG diet, there are slight modifications in the form of milk, curd etc. in addition to the regular meal. The most common vegetarian HCG recipes include the following:

  • Black coffee, cardamom tea
  • A piece of multigrain bread tossed with crunchy bowl of vegetables
  • 100g of milk, curd, soy milk, whey protein
  • Fruits preferably berries in plenty

Along with these recipes, one will also follow the Apple Day which helps one to check if his or her diet plan is going on smoothly and correctly as per requirement or not.

Final Words:

The vegetarian HCG diet plan does not yield quick results like the non-vegetarian HCG diet. The prime reason could be the inclusion of milk and curd in excess. But when the person minimizes or replaces the lactose products by soya milk or whey protein, the diet in itself becomes more effective. There is also a myth that such dieting can cause malnutrition and hence vegetarian lifestyle cannot accommodate HCG diet. But many bodybuilders has proven it wrong who have shed the extra kilos by following strict vegetarian HCG diet with no compromise on their ethics and values. Thus, on the whole, a vegetarian HCG diet is an all new experience for those who want to shed weight, look healthy and stay happy.

If you are also ready to start your weight loss venture, start with the healthy Vegan HCG diet plan and get amazing results!

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