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All You Need to Know About Cake Smash Ft. Skinny Tofu Tarts

By Chaayen
All you need to know about cake smash ft. Skinny Tofu Tarts
Funny story - I was first exposed to cake smash when one of my BFFs had a baby. I still remember in the group chat we were all like "Huh, what?" "Why would even want to do a photoshoot on that?" I was so baffled. Now that I am a mother with my own little boy, I am like we need to give him a photoshoot on his first birthday to capture that moment
To be frank, I am not hard on a cake smash. I just wanted a fun concept so I explored several options:
  • Smashing a watermelon - The photographers told me the photos won't come up as good
  • Coloured cereals as confetti - Was too worried he would eat them all, how unhealthy
  • Milk Bath - Still thinking about it (maybe I will save it for #2) hehe
All you need to know about cake smash ft. Skinny Tofu Tarts
In the end, we settled for cake smash cos I found a baby-safe version at Skinny Tofu Tarts (less than $30 too!). And it was really pretty too, so pretty in fact I hesitated to let my son smash it. The cake is made of tofu and fruits (actual tiny fruits pulps mashes can be found).My son loves tofu so he was more than happy to eat it, he ate a good half of it in fact. 
The photographers actually recommended a 5" cake. Ours were 4" and I think it works well. I just couldn't imagine the consequences if my son tried gobbling down a 5" instead. This cake doesn't come with cream but it still creates a decent amount of mess for the effect. Some babies hate being messed up by cream so cakes like this scare them a lot less and you can still get to take photos of them interacting with the cake. 
All you need to know about cake smash ft. Skinny Tofu Tarts
Some of you may be wondering so what's the whole deal with this cake smash concept? Based on my research, it supposedly commemorates their first exposure to sugars (babies don't take sugared products before 1YO). When they taste it, they might give the confused face or flash the sweetest smile. And also the mess they made is adorable.
Parents can either choose to do the photoshoot themselves or engage a photographer. We chose the later because the mess can be massive. His red panda costume is of our own (regrets) LOL cos I took a while to clean off the cake. And it does help to have an experienced photographer as they can help to encourage to take a bite and know the better angles!
All you need to know about cake smash ft. Skinny Tofu Tarts
We happen to take the shoot on our baby's lunar birthday so I decided to get the mini tartlet versions (8 for $16) as well for the family. After trying them for ourselves, I can understand why my baby love it. They are like egg tarts with fruit flavours. My BIL hates tofu but he took 2 LOL! Quoted from him "the smell of tofu is effectively masked!"
Overall, I would think both the custard and crust is very well done. The price for the cake is definitely a lot more affordable in comparison. Don't be too surprised if you see us ordering more for the special occasions in the family! It also does help that these sweet treats are healthier versions and can be enjoyed by both the very young and very old (which we have both in our family!) Haha. 
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