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All Signs Point to a Return of Brett Keisel by the Start of Training Camp

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
All signs point to a return of Brett Keisel by the start of training camp
By Neal Coolong
All signs point to a return of Brett Keisel by the start of training camp
Whether Cam Thomas is truly a starting defensive end, a veteran back-up will still be needed at the position, especially if Thomas is going to be the team's back-up nose tackle as well.
Kevin Colbert says Cam Thomas will be a starting defensive end. Cameron Heyward says Thomas will be a swing lineman.
I'm sure someone will say he's going to be both, and could be the team's reserve inside linebacker too.
So what's the true plan for the team's starting defensive end spot opposite Heyward? Are they banking on the return of Brett Keisel?
It's hard at this point to suggest otherwise, even if Thomas is made into both a starter at times and a back-up at times. They still need another defensive end, and considering they appear to be waiting until the offseason program is well underway until addressing either a key back-up role or a starting role, there's little time to prepare a player unfamiliar with the job to meet expectations.
Perhaps Keisel will be signed for a bit over the veteran minimum amount he said he wouldn't play for, but not given a guarantee of a starting position. It's a slippery slope, though, having a starter (Thomas at defensive end) be the team's primary back-up at another spot (nose tackle). That creates a situation in which there are two different ways your back-up gets in the game. Some would suggest that lessens the strength of a position group.
At the same time, Keisel is probably the team's best option at this point, with competition coming in the form of Nick Williams and Brian Arnfelt - two unproven players with less experience in their bodies than Keisel has in a few strands of his over-marketed beard.
The Steelers clear up around $8 million against the cap on June 2, which is enough to sign the team's draft class and have a few dollars remaining for a signing like this. It makes sense, although this shouldn't at all lessen the team's need to prepare for the future with a different defensive end.
With or without kiesel the run stop will be awful next season. I'd rather they let him go and look forward. there's little more he can contribute at his age.

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