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All Natural Beauty, The Oil Cleaning Method - Using Olive Oil and Castor Oil To Clean Your Face -

By Oppositeofnormal @oppositeonormal
I have had issues with acne since my mid twenties. Yeah, life can be twisted like that! I found some old pictures of me as a teenager, and my skin was gorgeous! Starting at about 24 years old, not so much.
I had tried damn near every product on the market. Okay, well, the drugstore market. What do you want, I am cheap and a single mom! Still, nothing really helped. I had decent results with Olay Regenerist Daily Regenerating Cleanser, and Olay Daily Facials Cleaning Cloths, but it still wasn't good enough. I still broke out like a 16 year old working the fryer at McDonald's.
UNTIL I found the oil cleansing method! I was uncertain at first. I mean, seriously? My face was like an oil slick 3 hours after washing it, you could fry french fries on it.... (Yes, I am hungry and am craving french fries - don't judge!) But, I figured at this point I would try ANYTHING to stop the face funk. I am 37 and it was embarrassing to have more zits than my sons friends!
Here is what you need:
  • Castor Oil - Cold Pressed. Organic is better but the grocery store version is fine too.
  • Olive Oil - I recommend a higher quality olive oil.
  • Container for your mixture - I recommend a small pump bottle, it's easier to work with and control the amount your dispense. Usually 1 pump from a small (2oz.) bottle is sufficient.
  • Washcloths - I recommend the cheaper styles. The thicker ones just seem to smear the oil around.
  • Shea Butter - Not necessary but recommended for additional moisturizing around the eyes afterwards.

All Natural Beauty, The Oil Cleaning Method - Using Olive Oil and Castor Oil To Clean Your Face -

My stash. Ignore the shell, you don't need it.
Unless you want to try to hear the ocean, then go nuts. It's just there to look pretty!

Here is my routine:
I have a small pump container (I think I bought it from Walmart or Dollar Tree), a stack of washcloths ($0.48 each at Walmart), and some Shea Butter for moisturizing around my eyes afterwards.
My ratio of castor oil to olive oil is 30ish/70ish (Hey, it's my blog, I can use nonsensical math formulas when I want!). I have found that when I do a 50/50 blend it actually tends to dry out my skin too much and I end up breaking out again.
Sometimes I do this while in the tub, sometimes I do this at the sink. Depends on the day. I will say this however, that although doing it in the tub is messy and leaves a beautiful (sarcasm) ring of crud around the top of the tub, you will not need lotion afterwards!
  1. I take 1 pump of the mixture and slather it on my face. 
  2. I massage it in (ahhhhh, feels soooo nice!) and let it rest for a minute or so. 
  3. I then get a washcloth wet with hot(ish) water. Please not too hot! I would feel horrible if you burned your face! Wring out the excess water and lay it on my face for about a minute. I then wipe off the residue and makeup (ew!) and rinse the washcloth. 
  4. Repeat until it feels like the oil is most of the way gone. 
  5. Apply a very small amount of Shea Butter around my eyes while my face is still damp and voila!
I almost hardly break out anymore. Well, except for those damn chin zits a few days before Aunt Flo arrives - I don't think those will EVER go away. Bad enough she brings what she does when she comes to visit but the zits too? Ugh. Bitch. 
I digress, my face is clearer than it has ever been, a few people have said I am "glowing" (um, sure it's not the neon sign above my head that says "Bullshit accepted here"). I get to pamper myself a little twice a day which is always good for the soul, and when I do this in the bathtub I don't have to mess with lotion so the rest of my skin is happy too! 

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