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Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton at San Sebastian Premiere: Mismatched Or Cute?

Posted on the 25 September 2017 by Sumithardia

Alicia Vikander in Louis Vuitton at San Sebastian premiere: mismatched or cute?

Of all the problems I have with Alicia Vikander, one of my biggest beefs is not even her fault. She wasn’t a major “name” or an Oscar-winning actress when she accepted a modeling contract with Louis Vuitton, and I completely understand why she took the gig. It likely paid well, and LV is a great, well-known label, and from a celebrity-branding standpoint, it was a good fit on paper. Vikander would get high-fashion looks fresh off the runway and she wouldn’t have a lot of drama when it came to dressing for all of the events for her Oscar campaign. But there was a problem – LV gave some of their worst designs to Alicia, and they forced her to wander red carpets looking like a milkmaid, a stick of butter or like a child in a ruffled apron.
It’s been a few years now, and Alicia is still with Louis Vuitton, although if I was in her position, I would have been looking for the exit a long time ago. Alicia once again went with LV for her appearance at the San Sebastian International Film Festival over the weekend. She was there to promote her latest film, Submergence, directed by art-house favorite Wim Wenders. The film also stars James McAvoy, who didn’t bother coming to the film festival. Perhaps that’s because the film is already being described as a “soggy romance”? Note to producers and directors: Vikander’s strength is not as a romantic lead, nor as an action heroine for that matter. She does her best work in supporting roles, in ensembles.
As for this LV… I don’t like it, obviously. It looks like two designs were put together without much rhyme or reason. I like the top part and if I was just judging this from the waist up, it would be a total and enthusiastic “win” for me. If the rest of the dress, from the waist down, was a black, straight skirt, wouldn’t that be so much better here? Instead they stuck a tablecloth onto a killer top and put some squiggly black lines on the tablecloth and hoped that would bring the look together. It did not.
Also: San Sebastian is in Spain, and I’m wondering if this was just a brief stop before Alicia meets up with Michael Fassbender in Ibiza. Reportedly, they’re getting married in Ibiza in a few days/weeks? Hm.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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