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Alexander Skarsgård Reveals the Hidden Side of Eric in an Interview with HBO

Posted on the 09 August 2011 by Tbfansource @tbfansource

alexander-skarsgard-us-vogue-06152011-07Alexander Skarsgård plays an immensely popular role on True Blood with Eric Northman. And now that Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Eric have done the deed, it seems as if Eric’s popularity has only increased. While a good portion of fans are happy with the developments thus far, some can’t help but feel like what is happening isn’t really real because of the fact Eric has amnesia and this isn’t the way he would really act. In a new interview with HBO.com, Alexander addressed the “new side” of Eric, doing this past episode’s love scene sequence with Anna Paquin, and reveals what he thinks makes Eric such a hit with fans.

Sookie and Eric have been a long time coming. So one of the first things that Alexander was asked was what kind of reactions he’s heard now that they’ve finally hooked up:

“I know that people have been talking about it- but I try to stay away from the blogs and fan sites. I’m a little scared… I do meet fans in person, though, and the feedback has been great this year. It seems that people are enjoying Eric’s arc, which is great because I had a blast shooting it. I love playing “Amnesia Eric.” It’s just such a different side of him, and as an actor it’s always fun to dig deeper. You learn a lot, and I definitely have this year.”

When asked if it was difficult to play a person-within-a-person, Alexander responded by saying that he isn’t playing a new character just a different side of Eric, one that was hidden. Yes, it is true he is naive and vulnerable but he didn’t want to lose the predatory aspect of  old Eric either and the danger that comes with that.

“…You’ve got to feel that to make it interesting, I think, and it’s something I focused on. You definitely see how he can get very violent, especially in those moments where he’s very protective of Sookie.”

Speaking of Sookie, what about the love scene sequence in Cold Grey Light of Dawn? It involved multiple locations and was drawn out and being that it turned out that way, was it difficult to shoot? Alexander says that he’s done other graphic scenes in movies and that this is up there with those because it was intense to shoot. But adds that his favorite scene is yet to come…

So what is it exactly that makes Eric so attractive to fans, even though he is now very innocent and not so much the  bad ass that he once was?

“I think it’s a point of contrast- that they’re seeing something open and vulnerable, someone who’s willing to connect on a deeper level…I’m just really grateful that people respond to him and his relationship with Sookie. It’s great to play this other side of him that’s been hidden for almost a thousand years.”

And it’s also great to watch as well! To read everything Alexander told HBO, click here to see the interview in its entirety.

So what do you think of how Alexander chose to play Eric this year? Let me know in the comments below!

Source: HBO.com- “Alexander Skarsgård Explores his Sensitive Side- and His Latest Romp with Sookie.”

Image Credit: Vogue Magazine

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