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Alexander Skarsgård Loved Shooting the Turning of Pam

Posted on the 26 June 2012 by Thevault @The_Vault

To learn how Eric and Pam met and the circumstances of her turning was one of the highlights of True Blood the past two weeks. Also for Alexander Skarsgård was a fun ride since the relationship  of Eric and Pam is so special.


Alexander explains that Pam tricks Eric into turning her.


The Origin of  Pam

According to writer Raelle Tucker. “The origin of Pam is probably one of my favorite things that I’ve been able to do. I love the period. I love the setting and I find the world really exciting. Bringing Bill and Lorena into that world is a fun surprise. If you look back at Season 1 you feel this underlying tension between Eric, Bill and Pam that we’ve never really explained. It’s very satisfying to answer those questions.”

theoriginof pam 600x331 Alexander Skarsgård loved shooting the turning of Pam

source HBO Go

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