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Alex Skarsgard & Alexa Chung Are Still Together, Or Maybe Back Together

Posted on the 24 March 2017 by Sumithardia

Well, these photos surprised me. Alexa Chung and Alex Skarsgard got together in 2015. They weren’t really undercover about dating, nor were they traipsing around, doing weekly pap strolls. They attended each other’s events a few times and Alexa seemed to be around last year while Alex was promoting Tarzan. But last fall, it seemed like they broke up, or hit pause, or maybe they just fell apart briefly. Something happened, because she was seen out with other dudes and we haven’t heard anything about Alex + Alexa in months.
And then these photos came out yesterday. Alexa and Alex were out and about in New York. They look “together” without actually showing any affection. Isn’t that weird? They’re not holding hands and they look like they’re actually trying to avoid touching each other. Maybe it was just cold. Maybe they’re not hand-holders. Maybe they spent the whole night doing unspeakable things to each other and they don’t feel like performing for the cameras. Who knows?
Here’s my theory: Alexa went back to Alex when Big Little Lies started. People are raving about that show, and raving about Alex’s work in particular as a physically and emotionally abusive husband to Nicole Kidman’s Celeste. What’s interesting to me is that Alex has done next to nothing to promote the HBO series. Maybe that’s what this photo-op is about?

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

Source: celebitchy.com

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