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Alex Jones - James Cameron Plans Move to New Zealand - USA to Die.

Posted on the 02 February 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
James Cameron (writer/director of such films as Terminator and Aliens and Avatar) is about to move to New Zealand to live on a farm in the middle of nowhere, and the USA is about to die.
The "USA is about to die," assumption was added on by 'anti-fascist fear-monger' Alex Jones, who suspects Cameron is 'just another global elite who is leaving the USA' because, "It's about to be torched by the amoral macinations of The End Game."

"All the rich are moving to bunkers in New Zealand," he rants, and raves, and this is a great way to keep people afraid. FEAR (via emotional trauma) is the major global control mechanism, after all. And it might work. But I'm not sure how much Alex's anger can outweight a Corporate War Machine that's been obliterating normal thought from this Prison Planet for nigh on fifty years. This might just come across as just another grunting, grimacing, gum-grinding performance-in-a-photo-booth from the master fatalist.
I mean, you're going, "Mike, but Alex Jones has hit the nail on the head so many times before," his intel is so good there's a suspicion that he's also in the game, earning his survival points in the Corporate Underground Slave Cities of mankind's gloomy future.
I say, "Fuck that, you moron," there is way that any 'flight to D.U.M.B.s will save humanity, as the Human Genome is beyond repair for our generation, and they're already destroyed;  there is only one reason Alex Jones does what he does, FEAR. He is completely shitting it. And so should you...
If this is the only way you'll demand that the Patents are released from Private Ownership so that minkind can fully explore their potential to fix a commercially-ruined earth.
If this is the only way you'll demand that all criminal files pertaining to Global Profit are shared with the people of the world.
If this is the only way you'll demand that your Free Planet is returned to you.

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