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Alert!! Some Of The Domains You Got At May Not Be Owned By You

Posted on the 27 December 2012 by Worldwide @thedomains

If you use you need to check the domain names you acquired since October, especially November and December.

You may not be the owner of the domain.

There are a few issues going on with which I was first informed about by another large domainer yesterday who asked to remain anonymous.

He reported that 10 domains that he got through in November and December were not owned by him.

I checked my account since October and found a total of 7 domains that we got through and paid for that are not currently showing my company Worldwide Media, Inc. as the owner.

From what I been able to tell there are at least three problems most of which all relate to domains caught by

Dotster was acquired by a few months ago and is apparently having some integration issues.

First of tall there is a stuffing problem, where the corporate parent of Dotster is showing as the owner of the domain rather than the domain holder who either successfully back ordered the domain or won the auction for it.

These domains appear to be owned by Endurance International Group, the parent company of which Dotster is now owned by.

I logged in to to manage one of the domains in issue and although I can see the domain in my account, I can’t manage it as the domain is whited out.

So at the moment these domains are showing as being owned by Endurance  are not usable or changeable.

Another issues is that one some of the domain names another party is showing as the owner of the domain we acquired through

These domain names were also caught through, but have a completely different owner.

In two cases in Hawaii, which seems to be another domainer, is the listed owner of the domain names, including, which we just won at auction on December 13th for $775.

The third issue is that one some of the domain names, the former owner of the domain is still showing as the owner of the domain.

At least one of the domains at issue,, a domain I  won a auction for back on October 16th for $184 according to seems to have been owned by the same company since December 2011, Synergy Solutions, of Athens, AL.  Again according to the domain was never expired, in redemption or pending delete, yet I acquired it and paid for it in October.…

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