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Al Jazeera - The Spy Cables - a Glimpse into the World of Espionage

Posted on the 24 February 2015 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Al Jazeera - The Spy Cables - a glimpse into the world of espionageI was out on business when this news broke, yesterday.
In fact a woman on a bus told me about this breaking news at 9 p.m. last night. According to the Guardian, she proclaimed, "Al Jazeera has just released tonnes of secret documents on the covert operations of Mossad, CIA and MI6," well, this morning, I had to have a look.
And this is what I found...

Al Jazeera reckon there's much more to come, but among the initial revelations, leaked via the South African Security Services, the Spy Cables disclose how:
  • Israel's Mossad told its allies that Iran was not working to produce nuclear weapons just a month after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned it was barely a year from being able to do so;
  • The CIA made attempts to contact Hamas directly despite the US government listing the Palestinian group as a "terrorist organisation";
  • Britain's MI6 sought South African help in an operation to recruit a North Korean official who had previously refused their cash; and
  • South African and Ethiopian spies struggled to "neutralise" an assassination plot targeting a leading African diplomat. [source AL JAZEERA]

But do these 'tactical releases?' really tell us anything about how our War World is funded and who are really responsible for some of the greatest corporate atrocities in our modern (fascist) for-profit patent-protect world?
"Free Planet, Free Planet, Free Planet," is the only way we'll see the real players of the Global Chess Game or Naked Lunch truth at the end of every private fork.

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