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Aircon for My Little One's Sedan: Ft. Jellypop

By Chaayen

You know how warm Singapore can be sometimes, lately I found baby sweating when he is sitting in his stroller. So, we decided to upgrade his "sedan" and gave him some aircon. Hehe. For those who are curious, nope we are not installing a fan/ aircon. We simply included a Jellypop cooling mat ($75) for him to rest on. 

Apart from strollers, the cooling mat can be placed on the car seats, bouncers and even high chairs. Between you and me, I have actually used the cooling mat when I was having fever. It can truly take away the heat. 

Aircon for my little one's sedan: ft. Jellypop

For those who are wondering how this works, apparently the cooling mat is made of a newly patented Hisobead technology from South Korea. The Hisobeads are evenly distributed and use a thermocycling process to keep the temperature constantly lower. The product is said to be very durable and I think so too, considering it could take my weight when I laid on it when I have fever. 

There are a few designs available. The front is made of high-grade oxford cotton which acts as an additional cushion to provide more comfort and support. Also, the cooling mat can be easily wiped clean. My baby has puked milk on it a few times and so far we have managed to sucessfully wipe them off cleanly with wet wipes. Baby has been feeling quite cool and comfortable on his ride. We are seeing him enjoying his days out more. Considering we use the stroller quite often, I would deem this one of the must-have tools if you use a stroller too!

Aircon for my little one's sedan: ft. Jellypop

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